AI is being used by football players and coaches to change the way that the game is played. Find out how AI is changing football as we know it here.

Technology is changing the way that we live our lives, but many people don’t realise just how quickly they come to rely on new tech every single day. In many industries, technology and new innovations such as AI are used to improve decision making, speed up processes, and improve life for millions across the globe. In the world of sport, AI is being used to do exactly that.


Here, we are going to look at some of the ways that AI is changing football as we know it. Read on to hear about artificial intelligence in this popular sport.


What Is AI?

Before we look at how AI is changing football, we thought we would first explore what AI actually is and how it works. AI stands for artificial intelligence and this is the simulation of human intelligence. With AI, it is possible to mimic humans and make decisions based on information that is gathered. AI has been getting a lot of attention recently from large investors who see its value. Tej Kohli is a London-based entrepreneur who is investing into the utilisation of AI, joining the likes of Google and Uber.



If you paid attention to the most recent FIFA World Cup, you’ll already know all about VAR. This technology is being seen as a third eye for the referee and has already been involved in providing greater accuracy for important decisions within the football world. AI allows VAR to make the right calls using all of the available information, with speed and accuracy beyond the capabilities of the human mind.



Image Source: Pixabay


Predicting Match Outcomes

Did you know that AI can be used to predict what might happen in the next 15 minutes of a football game? This is useful for a number of reasons and can benefit both the team itself and outside parties such as betting operators. When you can predict the outcome of the next 15 minutes, you can make the right decisions and achieve the desired result. AI uses the available information to weigh the variables and create an accurate assessment.


Improving Team Performance

Another way that AI is changing football as we know it is by allowing players to wear technology that tracks their movements. While this isn’t always useful during a match, players can analyse the distance they have covered and the areas that they spend the most time in to improve their performance over time. This kind of technology wasn’t always allowed on the pitch but recently, the football association has allowed it.


Final Verdict

These are just a few of the ways that AI is improving football as we know it. This sport is incredibly popular around the world and so there will always be companies working on projects that will innovate the sport and improve the experience for all. As AI evolves, we expect to see even more improvements in the world of football so make sure to keep an eye on this industry.