How The Millennials Can Fully Enjoy Sports

Millennials—or Generation Y, as some might know them—have changed the traditional sports entertainment field to suit their interests and their busy daily lives. As a millennial, it might be a bit of a problem trying to find a sport that you like and enjoy following. With the technological advancements that you are constantly surrounded by, sports have never been more entertaining or engaging than they are now. Here are some ways for millennials to enjoy sports.


Friendly Wagers

To make watching sports more interesting, you will usually find friends placing bets against each other. This makes them more invested in the outcome of a match, which makes the whole experience much more entertaining. Betting between friends is a great way to pass the time and still be able to share a personal interest with others.


Online Gambling

As mentioned above, there are different technological opportunities at millennials’ disposal that were not there before. One of these is the internet, which has enabled them to gamble on their favourite branch of sports from the comfort of their own home. This trend has taken the world by storm, from Indonesia to Australia. Online gambling, or judi online sbobet in Indonesian—which is pretty much the lingua franca of bettors these days—is one of the most common ways to enjoy sports, no matter what generation you belong to. Some millennials watch sports only for entertainment and because of the fact that it is an easy way to make some money if you hedge your bet right.


Playing Mini-Games

If you’re not into betting, then there are still lots of ways you can make sports more entertaining for you, your family and friends. You can come up with a variety of mini-games to play together. These games can be adjusted to fit the company you plan to have around you when you watch a match. For example, you can have a game in which every time the referee pulls out a yellow card during a soccer match, you take a shot. You can change the rules depending on the mood of the gathering. Instead of drinking, you can cheer every time such an occurrence happens. You can also predict the outcome of the sports event that you are watching and then give the person with the worst prediction a dare that they have to comply with.


Turning Matches into a Watch Party

Although millennials are usually very busy with other aspects of life, no one is too busy to throw a watching party. You will usually find such parties taking place when the sports event is a major one—the Olympics for example, or World Cup matches. It is common to find some mini-games and wagers at such parties, but the best thing is the atmosphere of having loved ones over, eating lots of food, and just having an overall fun time enjoying sports.


Tracking Sports Online

Millennials have all sports information and play-by-play from anywhere in the world, just a couple of clicks away. They do not have the urge to watch sports on television as the older generations used to do. Even if they miss a match or tournament, they can still catch up with all the things that happened and even be in contact with their favorite sports teams and players through social media. Some millennials also use social media platforms to share their comments and thoughts about the moves they liked and didn’t like during a game. Whether they share them while watching the game itself or after the match is over, it is quite entertaining not only for them, but also for their followers and friends.


Playing E-sports

Some millennials do not enjoy watching or even participating in sports in the real world. Instead, they prefer playing sports games on gaming consoles or online. These games are usually influenced by the real world as they have characters such as famous soccer or basketball players. The difference is that millennials can have more fun being immersed in the game without having to go outside and playing the sport itself. They can either play alone or include their friends by playing against them in different matches without having to get up even once.


It is true that the sports entertainment sector has seen many changes during the past couple of decades to cater more to millennials, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. There are so many new ways in which everyone—not just millennials—can enjoy sports nowadays. We can only guess what the future holds for this industry, and it definitely looks more than promising. 


Image: PA Images