Clubs all over the UK are showing the red card to non-sustainable plastics.

With green initiatives taking the football industry by storm, choosing sustainable packaging for food and drink offers a new opportunity for stadiums to show off their eco-friendly credentials.



See how your club can switch to biodegradable containers to make the difference and stand up for the planet. When it comes to large-scale catering, sustainability is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most important concerns. With several large brands promising to cut down on their single-use plastic consumption by 2025, it’s never been more important for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to providing a green alternative.


Sky Sports, the UK’s largest sports television brand, has joined forces with the Premier League to alert the public to the dangers of disposable plastic containers. The Sky Ocean Rescue initiative begins in 2018, leading the charge in pushing for major clubs to re-think their supply chains and reduce the number of harmful products entering the environment.


Most people are somewhat aware of the damage that single-use plastics can cause, but very few know of the true extent of their impact on the planet. A single non-recyclable plastic cup can take up to 500 years to completely break down – a sobering statistic which reveals the undeniable impact of packaging on the world around us.


Thankfully, recent advancements in sustainable materials can allow businesses to make a tactical substitution. By switching from harmful plastics to more eco-friendly alternatives, the football industry can lead the way in kicking off a more responsible form of catering.


A renewable container solution is no longer a distant concept, with several recyclable and compostable plastic products having recently hit the market. Two of these materials are already seeing widespread adoption across the UK – most notably, the compostable PLA bioplastic and recyclable PET plastics.


The basic science behind this technology, as well as the potential applications of each product, can be found below:



PLA is a plastic-like material manufactured from renewable cornstarch. With modern printing technology, these compostable cups can be created to look exactly like existing plastic solutions with no disadvantages for the end-user. PLA’s main advantage is its ability to be composted along with other food and drink waste, cutting the need for sorting and separating. Waste collection services can be found across the UK, and the organic material allows used PLA products to be composted in special facilities.



Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET, is a form of plastic that can be used to create items such as drinks bottles, food packaging and disposable cups. Where PET differs from ordinary plastics is its versatility when recycling. After being broken down, PET becomes a new product, known as RPET (or Recycled PET).


RPET can be used to produce a range of catering supplies for both food and beverages, making it an ideal solution for use in busy environments such as football stadiums. With over 30 million attendees watching professional football matches each year in the UK, the sports catering industry has the potential to become a pioneer in the world of food packaging.


A sustainable future is now a reality for football fans across the world as Biopac’s renewable solutions have seen widespread adoption, with successful deployment having already taken place in Queens Park Rangers, Norwich City and Clyde FC facilities as well as in other renowned locations such as Buckingham Palace and the BBC.


Biopac is proud to supply packaging with principles. From bespoke containers to fully-compostable cups and tumblers, we offer a range of sustainable solutions for commercial caterers. With a focus on delivering safe and easily recyclable products, you can team up with us and ensure that the football industry’s packaging kicks off in the right way.


With standard products such as the ‘I’m a Green Cup’ available alongside custom branding options, you can shout about your ecocredentials from the stands.


To learn more about the renewable services Biopac can offer – or to explore our full range of products – please visit our website:



Queens Park Rangers go green

“Like many other organisations across the UK, QPR are continually looking to improve our environmental and sustainability practices across a range of issues. Following the recent press regarding the issues with coffee cups and waste they produce, we felt that Biopac’s 100% compostable cups offered an environmentally friendly alternative that didn’t require large amounts of additional investment. We have also found the cup design has often become a talking point when using the products, raising awareness of the issues regarding cup recycling!”


Joshua Scott Facilities Manager at QPR

QPR currently purchase our 12oz Single Wall ‘I’m a Green Cup’