In Focus: Crowdfunder - Making A Difference In Football Through Crowdfunding

Hundreds of football clubs are turning to crowdfunding during the pandemic, working with supporters on a range of innovative campaigns to generate essential revenue and drive meaningful fan engagement.


fcbusiness editor, Aaron Gourley speaks to Crowdfunder Campaigns Director, Murry Toms about the financial plight of clubs and how they are helping develop stronger links with fans and the local community through focused investment.



About Crowdfunder

They are all shining a spotlight on the vital role that clubs play in our communities. The business of football is unique and the continued uncertainty around its possible resumption hasn’t helped with financial and marketing planning.


Club officials are working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep clubs afloat. But the comeback is on, spearheaded by the fans and Crowdfunder has played an important part of that. We have working partnerships with leagues and local FAs to support footballing communities, raising millions for their clubs.


And we have £1 million in extra funding from Sport England to pledge up to £10,000 on grassroots campaigns during the pandemic.


Get in touch if you want to have a chat at football@crowdfunder.co.uk


Visit: crowdfunder.co.uk/football