Picture the scene: your perfectly planned event is finally happening. The day is here; your attendees are excited and looking forward to it. Your team is ready, the venue is top notch. Everyone is arriving and getting signed in. Then the dreaded “technical issues” strike.

The card printers breakdown or jam, systems slow, software can’t find the relevant data. Queues grow, people get restless. Staff try switching machines off and back on again but that’s the limit of anyone’s technical expertise. The queues are chaotic by now, and people are grumbling. A temporary solution has to be hacked together to get things moving again. Everyone is stressed, staff and high profile sports men/women/trainers are not being properly checked in. Your exemplary event accreditation has gone into meltdown. Your supplier has only one or two technicians to help and they are ‘busy’ at the moment or you just can’t get hold of them.   


It’s enough to get you waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.


Many a meticulously planned event has been thrown into upset over a technical issue.  The cards won’t print correctly, the printer is jammed, the software is running slowly, the laminator isn’t fast enough, the paper isn’t folding correctly, the cards aren’t scanning.   We encounter it often in our daily lives: card readers that aren’t working, lifts out of service, automatic doors that are jammed. Technology has given us amazing abilities but we still feel at the mercy of it.


Those examples are inconveniences but there are much more serious implications. An event where the accreditation process breaks down through technical difficulties could see unauthorised access or security breaches that could have serious consequences.  Security systems and hardware should also have a backup, either physically or an alternative disaster recovery solution.  Unauthorised or unidentified accredited staff/personnel leave an open door for fraudsters or, much worse, terror attacks.     


Fear of a technical problem could stop you from embracing the latest technology to help you run your event. Maybe you prefer the old fashioned, tried and tested methods. Even if they do take longer and are not as seamlessly integrated with other aspects. Worrying about being hit with a technical hitch could be holding you back.


“That’s why I don’t print cards on the door,” you might be thinking, reading that opening scenario.  But, for big events, you have no choice but to embrace technology. The key is ensuring that the company supporting you can truly provide the right support in a timely fashion should you need it.  A company who has been through this before, knows the pit falls and technical glitches that can stifle an event.


Even for smaller events or venues, there are many advantages to verifying and printing passes at the event itself, or very shortly before. Technology such as RFID allows tracking and scanning to take place quickly and easily just using a variety of different scanning equipment. The RFID chips can even be hidden within the pass, wristband or label.


It’s a quick and seamless way to control access and incredibly difficult to subvert.  RFID technology is changing by the month with new readers, chips and applications that can have a huge impact on organising and simplifying an event. However, it can be very daunting to understand what is needed.  How does RFID work and how could it be integrated into my event?  Do I actually need RFID? What else is out there, other technologies?  How do I make the system as simple and secure as possible?


To avoid the headache and use the latest technology to your full advantage you need the help and support of a company with over 30 years of experience that has worked on huge events such as the Olympic Games London 2012 and the 2015 Rugby World Cup. SecuraSeal has the experience and supplies you need, in all areas of event accreditation. We can help your event go off without a hitch building any degree of overt or covert technology into your accreditation systems for full protection.


Avoid the nightmare of technical issues by getting your team fully trained on all the machinery and software. Get support from an experienced team specifically tailored to your event needs. Full IT backup and a 24 hour support service ensure a speedy response to any problems.  Bringing experts in their own fields to make sure systems, hardware and consumables all work seamlessly together and the backup is available throughout the event.


With SecuraSeal you can use all the best technology without the worry and your event can run as perfectly as you imagine.