In Focus: Roboticket - The Route Back To Fans In Stadiums

At last, some good news. Tests with limited crowds appear to be going ahead for football in the Netherlands and the UK Government expects to have vaccinated almost all of its population by autumn.



However, before we all get too excited there is likely to be a transition period where social distancing and most probably fans’ health verification will be required and may continue to be required for some time to come.


The official club app that fans have engaged with and watched matches on through the long months of lockdown is now firmly their digital gateway to their favourite team. The app is now enabling a host of new fan engagement and commercial possibilities, maximised by a mass of new fan data that will also be available as every fan with a ticket will need to be identified in case of new Covid infections.


Digital adoption by fans is here to stay and will have changed behaviour and expectations too.  They will no longer want to be in crowded concourses, they’ll want at-seat or pre-ordering, they’ll want to know how long the queue is at the nearest toilet, and want their ticket on their mobile device. 


Ticket pricing structures will not be immune from this appetite for change. Its likely fans will want much more flexibility. They have become used to the Netflix subscription model and the easy return of goods bought online. Fans may well have found other entertainment to spend their money and be reluctant to return to the commitment of the classic season ticket model.


Clubs will need to be more creative with pricing, offering for example a 12 monthly subscription for season tickets starting throughout the year, new flexible multi match ticketing options  and the opportunity to re-sell their tickets whether the game is sold out or not.  All functionality that comes as standard with Roboticket.


However, it’s not just about fan demand and convenience. It’s an opportunity to improve efficiency in your business and the industry as a whole. In ticketing we need to question some of the processes that have seemed to be in place for centuries. Away match ticketing is a good example. Why are clubs still sending boxes of physical tickets to other clubs, when those tickets could be delivered digitally?


Automation and simplification have always been at the core of the Roboticket philosophy. Too many ticketing platforms have not moved with the times and still force their users into complicated manual workarounds that impact staff morale and fan satisfaction.


In our new world, the correct choice of ticketing partner becomes even more important. Effective digital delivery and management of tickets is a prerequisite, but that is not all. You need a ticketing partner who can integrate easily with third parties, be agile and respond quickly to sudden changes in circumstances that are likely to be the norm for some time.


Roboticket is that partner.


Contact: Ian Sanders, Commercial Director at Roboticket


T:  +44 (0)7961 050 399