In Focus: Twenty3 – Introducing Power Reports

804 – That is the number of right-backs reportedly assessed by Manchester United before they signed Aaron Wan-Bissaka. 



The list, of course, would have been whittled down. A detailed analysis would’ve been undertaken on this smaller pool of players before more cuts were made. Eventually, United likely ended up with three or four players who they felt were the best options. 


However, at each stage, someone would have needed to create scout reports for all of these players. With the frequency of games, these would have needed to be updated on a weekly basis. 


This is an extreme example, but a lot of time and effort goes into player recruitment at every level of the game. This can move recruitment analysts into more of an admin role. 


The same can be said for first-team and opposition analysts. 


On a recent episode of Twenty3’s Laptop Gurus podcast, Lucy Rushton, the new General Manager and Head of Technical Recruitment and Analysis at D.C. United, opened up about her time in the Championship.


“If you had two away matches inside of the week, there’d be a lot of travel involved and prep would have to be done on the move,” she revealed.


“Working in the fast-paced environment of football, it can feel as though there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done to the high level you want it to be.”


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