With warmer weather on the horizon, as well as the Rio 2016 Olympics and the UEFA European Championships taking place, summertime in the office tends to be a lot quieter and managers can find it difficult to motivate staff.


Research* by the Institute of Leadership and Management has found that a third (33%) of employees feel bad about working indoors when it’s sunny outside, so it is important for employers to boost morale and keep the office ticking over.


The Institute’s research reveals that 77% of employees surveyed thought that screening summer sporting events on televisions in the office would boost morale, with nearly a third (30%) saying this would positively impact productivity.


Spokesperson Kate Cooper, Head of Research and Policy commented:


“When it comes to motivating staff during the long summer months, flexibility is key. Employers can try to be accommodating about allowing different working hours and arrangements, so employees can enjoy as much as they can of the summer weather and events taking place.


“This can involve letting staff watch important sporting events in the office – with a caveat that once the match is over, hours need to be made up. Clear objectives and deliverables are key to making this kind of flexibility work.


“Mixing up the work environment can also really boost morale; managers can book meeting spaces that are light and airy and even have team meetings outside.


“Quieter summer months are also perfect for focusing on planning and strategy; encourage staff to do a work MOT or organize an office clear up. There are also great opportunities for team building and company away days outdoors which can give employees a great sense of inclusion and boost motivation.”


* The online Institute of Leadership and Management survey was conducted between 22 May and 8 June 2015. 1,131 ILM members and ILM group participants took part, all of them practicing managers and workers who broadly represent the UK management and employee population in terms of age, sex and ethnicity.