International Teqball Federation Launches Interactive App 

The International Teqball Federation (FITEQ) has launched the pioneering mobile app, SQILLER, at the Web Summit in Lisbon as the federation aims to use cutting-edge technologies to redefine how people around the world engage in the sport.



SQILLER was revealed by Teqball Ambassador, Ronaldinho, and FITEQ Vice-President Viktor Huszar during presentations in front of more than 15,000 people on the Web Summit main and sports stages. On stage, Ronaldinho performed a live demo, competing against himself to showcase the skills needed to excel on the app.


The app allows players from all over the world to hone their Teqball skills wherever they are using just a smart device and a football. Benchmarks are set by Teqball Ambassadors, such as Brazilian footballing legends Ronaldinho and Cafu, who are filmed performing a variety of skills at different difficulty levels.


Players then have to record themselves accurately recreating these skills. SQILLER uses pioneering artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning technologies to analyse the player’s movement and ball trajectory to score how closely it matches the Teqball Ambassador’s.


As players work their way through the stages, the skills become more difficult and more rewarding. The Battle feature also allows players to go head to head against other SQILLER players around the world and attempt to outscore them with the number of skills they can perform.


Teqball Ambassador Ronaldinho said of the app:“I am happy to be a part of SQILLER. I played football all my life and it is an opportunity for everyone nowadays who has a mobile phone to unite technology with sport.”


FITEQ Vice-President Huszar, added: “The purpose of the Web Summit is to redefine the global tech industry and at FITEQ we share those values of constantly looking to push boundaries and redefine how our sport can be consumed.


“SQILLER uses modern technologies in a way that has never been done before. It is an app which challenges what we mean by esports and will become the esport discipline of teqball. It allows players to develop real skills which they can put to use on the Teqball table.


“SQILLER will also help to unite the community of Teqers around the world through their shared love of sport. No matter where you are, all you need is a ball and a smart phone and you can connect to the global Teqball family.”