Leading Athlete Management Firms Merge In Industry Game-Changer

EDGE10 and Athlete RMS have announced they have merged to form the EDGE10 Group – a leading global human performance SaaS company



Two super-powers in athlete management software have announced a ground-breaking merger combining performance and analytics with electronic medical records to serve some of the world’s largest sports franchises across the NBA, Premier League, MLS, AFL, NFL, NCAA and EFL.


The new entity will also be responsible for carrying out six league-wide contracts to provide athlete management solutions to the likes of the MLB, ATP and CFL in what are landmark deals for the sports technology sector.



London-based EDGE10 and Montreal-based Athlete RMS have joined forces under the newly expanded corporation EDGE10 Group, the first to consolidate the two specialties under an ambitious strategic growth plan.


The award-winning EDGE10 Group will now supply their E10 Performance (performance & analytics) and Athlete RMS (Sport Medicine) solutions to 750+ teams across sport, armed forces and corporate wellness, leading to better informed decision-making and so supporting high performing teams and athletes to meet their ultimate goals.


E10 PERFORMANCE is a performance and analytics solution that allows organisations to centralise, analyse and visualise data regardless of source, in order to gain valuable insights through the use of next generation analytics. Clubs have long since faced challenges bringing together data from a variety of sources and providers, a problem solved through E10 Performance’s universally-compatible platform.



The integration of Athlete RMS creates a new specialised division that addresses the needs of the human performance industry to better manage confidential medical data, with an increased focus on the long-term health of athletes and their welfare post-retirement.


“This ground-breaking deal is about bringing together the world’s leading performance and analytics solution with the world’s leading electronic medical records system to create a powerhouse in Human Performance Solutions,” said Olly Andrews, Founder of EDGE10 Group.


“Like EDGE10, Athlete RMS has differentiated itself from competitors by building a cutting-edge solution in collaboration with world-class practitioners and leagues. Their 15+ years of working with some of the most prestigious organisations in the world is unparalleled and we’re thrilled to now be able to integrate their unique strength and value into our offering for the benefit of our clients around the world.”


Athlete RMS was co-founded by Gaétan Lefebvre, an NHL Hall of Famer and former Head Athletic Therapist of the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens. With the help of medical experts, Lefebvre has designed a standardised injury reporting and analysis system to serve teams, leagues and federations. This fully comprehensive electronic medical solution helps organisations implement best practices, optimise athlete availability and reduce rehabilitation time.



“We are very excited about this expansion of our business with EDGE10,” said Lefebvre. “We serve dozens and dozens of the most recognisable sports brands in North America, and not only will we expand these services globally, but with the addition of EDGE10’s expertise in performance, this will create a fully integrated offering for our clients.”


“This merger is strategically very important for our industry,” added Justin Paige, CEO of EDGE10 Group. “It is a first step towards the inevitable consolidation that will take place in the sector and brings the two leading businesses in our respective fields together.


“The group is now in a very strong position to better serve our clients in the world of human performance analytics and to drive further organic growth for the EDGE10 Group.  We continue to eye opportunities to make the right acquisitions over the next 12 months.”


EDGE10 was founded in 2012 and works with 750+ sports teams including Major League Baseball and its 30 franchises and teams across the Premier League, English Football League, National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, Australian Football League, as well as NCAA schools, and multiple amateur organisations from the UK, Australia, Japan, India, the USA and Canada. 


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