Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal amongst clubs upgrading GPS tracking software with STATSports

Premier League clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur have worked closely with STATSports in the development of Sonra 3.0 and Sonra Live – the latest software upgrade to their market-leading analysis platforms, and another major advancement in athlete monitoring.



STATSports are the industry leaders in GPS tracking systems used across professional football, with a client base including five of the top six in the Premier League, the English FA and many more teams across the world. Recently, STATSports played their part in Project Restart – advising the Premier League with a Player Proximity report, which used their data to show which type of sessions would involve players coming together more often.


Download times are four times faster than any other platform, allowing download of a typical session for a squad of players in under two minutes. And with time being one of elite clubs’ key commodities, Sonra 3.0 further streamlines and enhances performance. With a host of new features, performance improvements, enhanced user experience, and a revamped user interface, clients such as those in the Premier League along with Paris Saint Germain and Juventus will be utilising the most advanced wearable technology on the market.


STATSports co-founder, Sean O’Connor said: “This is an exciting day for STATSports and the many teams we work with. This is another major advancement in the level in which coaches and managers can monitor their players. Technology is now truly integrated into the game and we have played our part in that. We have worked closely with those teams during lockdown and also used the time to finalise the development of our new Sonra platform – we’re confident that our clients will further benefit from working with us through the introduction of this.”


STATSports co-founder, Alan Clarke said: “We have really enjoyed developing this new software platform. Time is a key commodity for clubs. The quicker they can make decisions with reliable and accurate feedback, the greater the edge they have on their competition. We will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and ensure athletes can do the same on the training pitch and the competitive environment.”


Further information on Sonra 3.0 and Sonra Live


Session planning features have been added to the calendar, allowing club performance departments to plan out training cycles weeks in advance. Video integration in the Video Manager has been developed further with the addition of full squad 2D positioning, and there is also a Scientific Calculator, which allows practitioners to create bespoke custom metrics based upon their own requirements.


New ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ mode themes also allow users to select their preferred theme, making the app as customisable as possible for the user.


In addition to the launch of Sonra 3.0, STATSports have also introduced a new iPad application, Sonra Live, which allows coaches to monitor training in real-time.


Real time data from Sonra Live has been independently validated to have a perfect correlation with downloaded data, making it the most accurate live-monitoring solution of its kind. This means that coaches can make instant, informed, impactful decisions.


Sonra Live features team-level reporting, detailed individual-player dashboards, drill cutting for precise session analysis, post session reporting via PDF/CSV and synchronisation to desktop applications for further analysis.


On-board metric processing means zero data drop-out and STATSports are the only provider in the industry who give 100% identical live and post session download data quality putting the power in the end users hands to make on the spot decisions in confidence, coaches can set multiple thresholds for individual players or full squads, while multiple coaches can monitor on their own iPads simultaneously.


The introduction of the new software further enhances STATSports’ position as the only GPS tracking technology platform for elite clubs.


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