Liverpool's Wave Of Good Luck: A £200million Advantage And No Injuries

It seems Liverpool have been struck with good fortune lately as they remain top in the Premier League, ahead of last season’s champions, Manchester City by a whopping 8 points. 



Not to mention, according to the latest financial figures Liverpool could have an off-the-field dominance over rivals Manchester United that is worth more than £200million. United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has revealed the club’s latest financial figures for 2018/2019 – and a lack of Champions League football has had a significant effect.


Unlike Liverpool, United are heavily in debt which now stands at £384.5million, an increase of £137.3million, primarily due to a failure to qualify for the Champions League which will bring the club as much as £67million less in revenue. Broadcasting revenue was also down by £9.9million due to their non-participation in the competition.


With Jurgen Klopp’s side making another Champions League final, and this time winning, the Reds are likely to be in an even stronger position than they were when the last financial results were posted. 0And with United currently nine points off fourth place, winning the Europa League could be the Red Devils’ best chance of qualifying for the Champions League next season.


Liverpool have also won a high court victory last month which will allow them to pursue a new kit deal with Nike.


As if the monetary supremacy isn’t enough, the worrying rumours about injuries regarding some star Liverpool players have been waved away. They’ll be hoping that their key players stay fit, then, with many of them off on international duty in the last week or so.


Virgil van Dijk, Sadio Mane and Mo Salah all offered the Reds a worry during the period, too, with them missing a few games but all of that has been resolved.


Mane was on a yellow for Senegal and was subbed against Swaziland, whilst van Dijk missed the Netherlands most recent fixture for personal reasons. Salah – perhaps the biggest headache of late – should be in contention for the game against the Eagles.


An exclusive interview with Danny Murphy reveals that he believes Liverpool have started the season brilliantly and he thinks they’ll go one better and win the Premier League. Thankfully, there were no ordeals related to fitness and health and we hope Liverpool remains fit for the rest of the Premier League to come. If they keep up the outstanding performances, Anfield will definitely see a Premier League trophy after such a long drought.