Premier League, FSA & UEFA Issue Strong Rebukes Of European Super League Plans

Plans for the European Super League have been unanimously and vigorously rejected by the Premier League’s 14 member clubs after meeting with League and FA today.



The Premier League, alongside The FA, met with the 14 clubs not involved in the plans today to discuss the immediate implications of the Super League proposal.


At the meeting the 14 clubs unanimously and vigorously rejected the plans for the competition with the Premier League set to “consider all actions available to prevent it from progressing, as well as holding those Shareholders involved to account under its rules.” 


In a separate meeting, Football Supporters Association (FSA) chief executive, Kevin Miles, along with other fan representatives, met with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and secretary of state for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Oliver Dowden to discuss the response to the threat of the European Super League.

Speaking after the meeting, Kevin Miles, said: “The greedy owners of some of our most historic football clubs have done nothing but unite fans throughout the pyramid, players, pundits, clubs, politicians and the Government in opposition to their plans to hoard power and wealth. There must be no more appeasement of these vultures.


“Today the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) and some of our member organisations met with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and secretary of state Oliver Dowden to make clear the existential crisis facing football and the overwhelming support from fans for political action.


“The PM’s response was very positive as he committed to legislative action, if necessary, to support the football authorities. In addition he referred to yesterday’s announcement of the much-anticipated fan-led review into football governance, confirming that it would have a far-reaching remit.


“The FSA looks forward to working with the Government and all political parties in Westminster. As well as meeting the PM we have also met today with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Football Supporters and, separately, Keir Starmer and the Labour Party.


“Supporters will do everything in our power to stop the European Super League.”


In Switzerland, at the 45th Ordinary UEFA Congress which was held today the 55 member associations unanimously approved a declaration strongly condemning the European Super League.


In a statement, they reiterated their stance, stating: “The 55 member associations and participants in the UEFA Congress condemn the declaration of a so called “Super League.”  The UEFA Congress is adamant that the closed “Super League” goes against the very concept of what it is to be European: unified, open, supportive, and principled on sporting values.  UEFA and its member associations believe in a truly European model that is founded on open competitions, solidarity and redistribution to ensure the sustainability and development of the game for the benefit of all and the promotion of European values and social outcomes.


“The conspirator clubs have obviously failed to see that their status today was not achieved in isolation, but rather was part of a dynamic European system where big, medium and small clubs have all contributed to the successes and losses of everyone.  It is an affront to European values and sporting merit for them to assume they are entitled to “separate” and lay claim to the legacy that everyone built.



“UEFA, its member associations and all those who love football stand firm and will strongly resist and fight against this move by these clubs’ owners and their backers to the fullest extent possible.  We know, morally, what is at stake and will protect football from a selfish clan who care nothing for the game.  We are European football.  They are not.”