PROGOAL Portable Football Goal Review: The Soccer Store's Ultimate Solution for On-the-Go Play

Online football equipment retailer The Soccer Store is giving grassroots footballers across the UK a new way to enjoy the game on the go. The PROGOAL Portable Football Goal is designed for agility and ease of use, and it’s available in a variety of sizes popular 12ft x 6ft option and an ultra-portable 8ft x 4ft version.


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The versatility of the PROGOAL line-up allows for a quick and easy setup, making it ideal for every imaginable setting. Whether you’re enjoying a kickabout in your backyard or preparing your team for a crunch league game, this portable football goal allows for impromptu fun and dynamic coaching sessions.


With a robust design that can withstand all weather conditions and the added convenience of a carry bag, these goals from The Soccer Store ensure that the beautiful game is only ever a minute or two away from kick-off.


One portable football goal for a multitude of settings and scenarios; that’s what the PROGOAL promises. But when you take a deeper dive into its various features and benefits, it offers a lot more, besides.


Product Overview

PROGOAL football goals are designed for versatility and ease of use, catering to different playing environments and player needs. They come in a variety of sizes, including 6ft x 4ft, 8ft x 4ft, 8ft x 6ft and the larger 12ft x 6ft. This means there’s an option for short-sided games, kickabouts in the back garden and training drills before a big game.


The PROGOAL range includes four size options:

The 6ft x 4ft Portable Football Goal

The 8ft x 4ft Portable Football Goal

The 8ft x 6ft Portable Football Goal

The 12ft x 6ft Portable Football Goal


Constructed from durable materials, PROGOAL football goals are made to withstand regular use and the impact of the hardest shots you can fire at them. The goals are portable and suitable for impromptu games in parks, backyards as well as indoor locations.


The 12ft x 6ft option boasts a folding frame, a welded steel base for additional strength and lightweight fibreglass poles. The result is a sturdy, lightweight alternative to traditional plastic goals that are quick and easy to put up.


Complete with a carry bag, net, ground anchors and a folding frame, the PROGOAL series offers the perfect combination of convenience, safety, performance and durability.


Setting Up and Taking Down

Setting up and taking down the PROGOAL football goal is a straightforward and user-friendly process. Simply open the hinged frame, extend the base, and attach the poles and net. And that’s it; you’re good to go! This means you can simply throw your PROGOAL into the back of your car and take it to the local park or beach for a day of footie fun.


The portability of the PROGOAL is its biggest strength. Designed to fold up into a compact size that can be easily transported and stored, it offers the versatility needed for different locations such as gardens, sports halls and green spaces. And despite it being lightweight and easy to carry, it remains highly durable — thanks to its high build quality.


Taking the goal down is even easier. Simply detach the net, collapse the hinged frame, retract the base and put everything back into the dedicated carry bag.


Durability and Build Quality

At first glance, the build quality throughout the PROGOAL range is plain to see. With its steel frame, rot proof and UV resistant net and fibreglass poles, this eye-catching portable football goal is clearly designed with durability in mind. Stable enough to withstand high winds and corrosion-resistant, it does a great job in just about every conceivable scenario.


PROGOAL has a reputation for manufacturing football goals with the outdoors in mind, meaning the materials used are chosen for their ability to resist UV rays, moisture and extreme temperatures. The inclusion of features such as tear-resistant borders and double-stitched sewing on the net further enhances the resilience of these versatile football goals


PROGOAL’s entire range of portable football goals is geared towards the ability to endure the rigours of active sports use and inclement weather conditions. It also holds its own when it comes to the normal wear and tear caused by regular gameplay and everyday use.


Performance and Game Experience

When you first pick up a PROGOAL bag, your first thought might be one of doubt. How can something this light and portable remain stable in the face of bad weather and ferocious gameplay? But once you take the two minutes required to unpack the goal, it’s clear that this quality product is going nowhere.


Make no mistake; this is a truly portable football goal you can carry on your back and put up in just 90 seconds. And this means it’s perfect for use in the average garden, yard, park, beach or indoor setting.


You might say the PROGOAL is the 21st-century equivalent of “jumpers for goalposts”. Lightweight, easy to set up and eminently convenient, it makes friendly games a lot more fun. Not only that, but it gives training sessions an added element of flexibility and creativity.


Comparison with Competing Products

Undoubtedly, PROGOAL faces stiff competition from equally impressive brands such as Samba and Bazooka. But this new brand of portable football goal looks distinctive, and it brings together the main strengths and advantages of all its competitors’ alternatives.



Samba goals are renowned for their durability, and they’ve been a go-to option in the UK for years. They offer a range of sizes and are known for being easy to assemble, which makes them versatile for various age groups, scenarios and playing requirements.



Bazooka goals are known for their ultra-portable, pop-up design. They appeal particularly to users needing quick setup and dismantling procedures. And they’re especially useful for small-sided games and informal settings.


Each brand targets different aspects of portability and durability, yet PROGOAL nails everything with aplomb. Samba’s greatest asset is its robustness. Bazooka probably has the edge when it comes to portability. But for a complete goal you can use anywhere at an affordable price point, PROGOAL is difficult to beat.


User Feedback and Reviews

So far, the reaction to PROGOAL portable football goals among The Soccer Store community has been favourable. The popular 12ft x 6ft version has a five-star rating and a string of positive reviews.


The overwhelming consensus is the obvious build quality inherent across the range. Feedback also suggests that a retail price starting at £75 offers excellent value for money, given the product’s robustness and durability.


Feedback from people who have used a PROGOAL also suggests that one of the product’s best features is its simple and quick setup process. No tools or anchoring are required, so there’s less time spent preparing games and more time enjoying them.


Price and Value for Money

The current selling price for PROGOAL football goals at The Soccer Store ranges from £75 to £110. When you consider that some portable goals from other manufacturers cost double that amount, it’s easy to see why more and more casual players are opting for PROGOAL.


The PROGOAL average price point is very similar to that of Samba. However, the brand’s 12ft x 6ft offering is slightly cheaper than Samba’s version. Bazooka offers a similar average price point, but their options are more limited, and their goal sizes are smaller — designed largely for training sessions.


The Soccer Store is currently offering some deep discounts across the PROGOAL range. For example, the popular 12ft x 6ft option is £40 cheaper than the RRP. And there are equally impressive reductions on the smaller versions.



PROGOAL portable football goals are designed to be easily transported/ They’re available in four sizes, including 8ft x 4ft and 12ft x 6ft, which means they’re just as impressive in a backyard as they are on a municipal football pitch.


They’re also user-friendly, allowing for quick setup and dismantling. This makes them particularly handy for families in search of fun and coaches in search of innovative and dynamic training sessions.


Durability and Quality: Built to withstand rigorous use, PROGOAL football goals are durable, flexible, versatile, and robust — making them a sound long-term investment.


If you’re looking to enhance your footballing experience, whether it’s for practice, games or casual play, consider the PROGOAL range available at The Soccer Store. There’s free delivery for orders over £150 and a favourable, 365-day returns policy — making a PROGOAL portable football goal a sensible purchase for serious and casual players alike.


You can shop the full range of portable football goals at The Soccer Store





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