SCL Education & Training demonstrate Significant Progress in recent Ofsted Monitoring Visit.

SCL are extremely proud following their recent Ofsted monitoring visit, which recognised substantial developments in SCL’s delivery, and reported that ‘significant progress’ has been made across two of the key themes.



December’s monitoring visit was the first where inspectors were evaluating four different areas of delivery. In addition to SCL’s apprenticeship provision, the visit reviewed SCL’s 16-19 study programme offering, currently delivering to 1054 learners, which positions SCL as one of the UK’s largest providers of this type of education.


Senior leaders received praise for their significant progress made in ensuring that all requirements were in place for the delivery of apprenticeships, as well as the progress made to meet all requirements of their 16-19 study programme offering.


Awarded with an ESFA contract for both levy and non-levy apprenticeships in 2017/18; SCL deliver Level 2 and 3 training apprenticeship programmes across Sports Management and Playwork frameworks.


“As a result of becoming a direct contract holder, leaders and managers have made substantial investments in the company, employing new managers to oversee their apprenticeship provision.


With suitably skilled and experienced governors, alongside a newly appointed Chair, who frequently reviews performance with senior leaders; inspectors found that “governors know the business well and challenge leaders very effectively to improve the quality of their apprenticeships”.


Inspectors reported that “senior leaders have a well-developed strategy to become a specialist provider, offering a high-quality apprenticeship, based mostly around sports coaching and physical education teaching”.


Understanding that the apprenticeship pathway best suits sports learners who wish to develop their skills practically, SCL work to ensure that all apprentices benefit from high quality training which will lead to positive outcomes.


“They have recognised the need for more sporting staff in schools and sports-based business and have developed the apprenticeship programme to provide the next generation of teaching, coaching and physical activity professionals”.


With programmes delivered in real sports environments and with access to professional facilities, which “enthuse and inspire” learners, the report notes that “apprentices progress to key roles in their sport as a result of the skills that they develop.”


Utilising their links with employers to develop and expand their curriculum, whilst giving back to the community, inspectors found that “leaders work closely with the local enterprise partnership to ensure that their apprenticeship offer meets local needs.”


Having developed “highly effective links with sporting associations”, it was clear to inspectors that “employers value the close relationship they have with SCL and hold them in high regard.”


Lewis Field, SCL Chief Executive, explained: “I am absolutely delighted that Ofsted have recognised the significant impact that SCL are having on our learners’ education; our development in creating the next generation of sporting professionals, and the work we are doing to support our communities and economic growth.


Lewis also added: “We are proud to be leading the way in the sports and leisure sector, and trailblazing with our courses which in turn support young adults’ health and wellbeing.”


You can view the full Ofsted monitoring visit report here