SeatGeek Brings The Power Of Open Distribution To UK

SeatGeek Open will allow venues and teams to surface tickets in more places than ever before



SeatGeek today announced the launch of its SeatGeek Open product in the United Kingdom market, bringing the power of open distribution directly to the ticketing platform’s hundreds of clients across the country. With SeatGeek Open, venues and teams in the UK will now be able to sell their inventory in more places than ever before, reaching new audiences and ultimately selling more tickets.


Clients of SeatGeek will be able to leverage the SeatGeek Open distribution network without any additional software, exposing their tickets to new customers and maximising the sales and visibility of their events. Event-goers will also see a much improved experience, as they will now be able to discover direct box office tickets while doing things like booking a flight or looking for weekend plans.


“We’re so excited to bring our SeatGeek Open technology to Europe, as we continue to focus on growing our footprint in the continent,” said President of SeatGeek Enterprise Danielle du Toit. “We’ve seen some of our clients in the U.S. sell more than 30 percent of their box office inventory off platform for an event, and we are excited to bring that opportunity to our UK partners.”


SeatGeek’s SRO technology is already used by many clients in the UK and Europe – for example, the company tickets more Premier League clubs than any other ticketing provider (7 of 20), and has a number of clients in London’s West End.


SeatGeek launched SeatGeek Open in the United States in 2016, and since then has worked with partners like Facebook, Snapchat and Airbnb to help clients reach new attendees. Major sports leagues like the National Football League and Major League Soccer have moved towards an open distribution approach following the innovation that SeatGeek has shown in the space.


In the coming weeks, SeatGeek will announce a growing number of distribution partners that will bring box office ticket commerce to the marketplaces where customers are already going to buy everything from tickets to flights. SeatGeek is focused on building the most trustworthy network of distribution partners, all of whom will have agreed to the Society of Ticket Agents and


Retailers (STAR) Code of Practice, ensuring SeatGeek’s clients a network of reputable and consumer-friendly partners.


“At SeatGeek we believe that as the ticketing platform we should be doing everything in our power to help our clients sell more tickets,” said SeatGeek’s International GM James McClure. “By giving our partners direct access to incremental sales channels they will now reach new audiences and be able to sell more inventory.”



SeatGeek is the leading mobile-focused ticket platform that enables fans to buy and sell tickets for sports, concert, and theater events. With industry-leading mobile ticketing apps, a fan-friendly user experience and its proprietary Deal Score™ technology that helps fans identify the best ticket values for a given event, SeatGeek is transforming the way that fans buy and sell tickets to their favorite events. SeatGeek Enterprise – the company’s primary ticketing platform – is used by 35 percent of the Premier League clubs, as well as the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, and a number of West End theatres. Headquartered in New York, SeatGeek also has international offices in the U.K., Israel, Netherlands, and Italy.