Southport FC present their vision for a new stadium, season tickets, community programme and college academy.

Southport FC  CEO Natalie Atkinson outlined her vision for the club stating: “The history books speak for themselves but today we start a new chapter at Haig Avenue, as we launched the vision for the coming years and I for one am delighted to be part of this exciting journey that we are on.


“The overall and long term vision of Southport Football Club is to continue building a local football club that is both successful and sustainable on and of the football pitch.


“We are aspiring to be back in the football league and achieve the status of being the focal football club of the town. From the achievement of this vision, we also aspire to build state of the art facilities whereby our teams, fans, supporters and community have an unforgettable experience and continue to support the football club. With this success we aim to attract more fans from the communities of Southport which will in turn boost the investment into the sustainability of the club.”


The club has outlined a number of objectives to deliver a sustainable programme of initiatives across Southport and with key partners.


These include;

A new community foundation delivering a number of sustainable programmes for the target demographic in Southport, including adults and older people, children and young people in education, and targeted health activities.


The implementation of the Southport College Academy for the 16-19 year old scholars. With the aim of delivering a high quality education NVQ football programme.


Creating high quality stadium facilities not only for the Club but the wider community to access either on match days through corporate hospitality, businesses from Southport and beyond for networking opportunities and the delivery of many community initiatives – our aim to be come a community hub.


The continuation of creating opportunities for children and young people, women and girls to play the game of football under the Southport FC banner, creating talent and providing a pathway to success.


By working with the business network in Southport and beyond we aim to create a business network hub that encourages business to business opportunities, creating relationships and supporting the driver to be financially sustainable.


Natalie, added:  “All of our aims for Southport Football Club come with the objective of creating a football club that is for Southport, its community, its businesses and the people that visit this wonderful town.”