Spiideo takes the next step in integrating live match video and data, with a unique coaching tool in Allsvenskan and Superettan.

Two years ago, clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan were given the opportunity to conduct live analysis of their games via the Swedish tool Spiideo.


“There is a lot going on in video analysis and this is something we will continue work with,” says Svante Samuelsson, Sport Manager at Swedish Professional Leagues.


Since 2017 Spiideo cameras have been located at all elite arenas in Sweden with clubs subscribing for the service to get access to all the games in the tool.


At the start of the 2019 season, the Spiideo service will analyse footage in real-time where the images are being directed to the coaching tool allowing the user to add on their analysis with services such as running distance and distance between team parts, which have not been available before and is unique to European football.


“The analysis part of football is becoming increasingly important and with our upgraded tool we can set a common standard for Swedish football. Together with Spiideo and Signality we have created a completely unique training tool,” says Samuelsson.



Spiideo has, since the collaboration with Swedish Professional Football Leagues started two years ago, become a natural part of the daily work with video analysis for most clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan.


They are now very pleased to take the next step in the journey to realise the vision – and offer Swedish football a completely unique level of integrated tools for video and data for team and player development.


“By combining different real-time sources of match data, with high-resolution panorama video from different angles, clubs, coaches and analysts will get an extremely powerful platform for analysis, presentation and collaboration,” says Fredrik Ademar. Product and Marketing at Spiideo.


Signality says that they are very proud to have been selected as the Official Provider of tracking data for the Swedish Professional Leagues. Swedish football shows world-leading innovation by investing in a next-generation AI platform to collect real-time tracking data, that doesn’t rely on expensive sensors or massive hardware investments.


“By utilising the full automation capabilities and a cloud-based software platform, the Swedish Professional Leagues becomes a true model for other football leagues in the world that shows it is possible to automate the collection of data in real time without manual operators at the stadium,” says Michael Höglund, CEO at Signality.


“It’s like having a self-driving car for football. We look forward to the journey with Swedish Professional Leagues and taking the next steps in visualisation and deep analytics on the data to provide real insights.”


The new tool is useful on several levels. It can easily be linked to the talent development work and assist to lower the gap between the club academy and the first team.


“The feeling is that the new analysis possibilities that we offer through the joint work of Spiideo and Signality is groundbreaking. We have previously had a dialogue with the Swedish FA on how to develop Swedish football and this can prove to be an important step along the way,” concludes Samuelsson.