Menu, which was created as a social network across all sports branches for everyone interested in sports, was launched in April 2017, providing services in four different languages.


The initiative couples organisational firms, sports organisations and individuals together to engage and interact.


Render your experiences appreciable!


Individuals interested in professional sports can create their profiles and transfer their experiences and practices to both amateur players and over 300,000 different sports clubs at


You have the opportunity to follow all sports activities in your area through, where sports clubs have information on their auditions, announcements and sports lessons.


Sporting equipment offered for sale by sports establishments or clubs can also be ordered via


Sport organisations and businesses are now closer to players


Sports clubs, academies, associations or federations can quickly reach sports fans on auditions or any other events they organised through, the sports social network that provides faster access to professional or amateur players in their region, is boosting the efficiency of businesses and clubs.


By creating their own profiles, they are able to give a place to their branches, players and awards through the sports social network. Business and organisation companies can also make sales of sports equipment via is active in 4 languages – for now, which was launched in English, French and German languages, will also render services in different languages.


Now, there are over 300,000 sports clubs in the system around the world.


It is expected to reach thousands of members and organisations until the end of the year with the announcement of the initiative.