Italian start-up Zerogrado will be a protagonist at Soccerex USA.


The objectives of Zerogradom, an Italian software company, is to enable football clubs to reach their fans individually to increase their involvement and thereby increase business. In other words: reach, engage and monetize.

This is achieved by breaking down any degree of separation between football clubs and their immense fan bases through an innovative technological solution.


“Zerogrado for Sports” is being launched at Soccerex USA (15th-16th November, Miami). This cloud-based solution exploits the potential of the main messaging platforms, allowing soccer clubs access to newer and higher forms of involvement and interaction with their audience.


“Zerogrado for Sports is an innovative solution capable of superseding the structural limits of traditional social media and achieving unprecedented results in terms of engagement and monetization, thanks to the innovative use of messaging platforms when interacting with fans”, explains Vladimiro Mazzotti, CEO of Zerogrado.


“To enable more personal communication methods and by engaging in one-to-one interactions, instead of one-to-many, the platform elevates fans’ experience to a level which enables – in conjunction with an opening to the world of exclusive and personalized offers by the clubs – an exponential increment of profits from merchandise, memorabilia and ticketing.


“To value their own fan base is to increase their clout in all commercial trades with potential partners, transforming the fan base into a real capital asset for the club”.


In order to realize this project, the start-up, made up of a team of developers headquartered in Treviso, Italy, has already raised 1.3 million euros of funding with A.S. Roma Forward Stephan El Shaarawy amongst its partners.



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