The Best Quarantine Entertainment For Champions

The COVID-19 quarantine has turned all of our favourite types of entertainment on their heads. However, one industry that has seemingly excelled during this time is online gambling. You can find the best online casinos and games on websites such as norske nettcasino.



Sometimes all we need is a break from reality, and the well-designed games available on the internet’s top online gambling providers can help to scratch that itch. For advice on champion-level gamblers’ best quarantine options, check out this guide from table games expert Nina Olsendburg.


Online Casinos and The Pandemic

With many physical casinos being closed because of the pandemic, politicians worldwide tried to put regulations in place to test and monitor the potential increase in gambling addiction. Some of these measures included limiting gambling advertising or time allowed to be spent gambling online.


Believe it or not, even with the majority of the world’s population stuck indoors, even the online gambling industry will be losing money. The second biggest draw historically for online gambling providers is sportsbook betting; professional leagues took a significant hit with COVID, meaning there weren’t as many events to bet on in 2020.


Some games like slots and roulette, however, have been the least affected by the pandemic. Slots are the number one draw to online gambling in terms of volume on the planet. Video slots have options to spin multiple times automatically, making it a great option to pass the time. These slots also have free versions to test them out, so utilise that to your advantage before spending any money.


Gambling Tech – 2021

On a brighter note, the pandemic hit during a massive peak in gambling technology. Seemingly every day brings new ways to play, from live dealer games to virtual reality. Live dealer games have more built-in privacy functions and give the player the most authentic feeling on the market.


To further this feeling of authenticity, providers are moving towards virtual reality technology for aid. VR tech is still in its infantile stages, and the providers that do offer VR games make them for the Occulus Rift. As VR becomes a more household-type of technology, look for the accessibility of such games to increase as well.


Best Online Gambling Sites 2021

If you’re in the market for the best online casino for champions, check out this shortlist of some of the top options for Norwegian players.


– Energy Anmeldelse

– Malina Anmeldelse

– 22bet Anmeldelse

– Rabona Anmeldelse

– Playamo Anmeldelse

– Bethard Anmeldelse


There are also many other sites for those who want to win and feel like a champion.


Conclusion – Quarantine Entertainment 

A solid online casino can be a great option to get your mind off of the coronavirus pandemic, if even only for a short while. There are 100s of ways to play, with new ones being developed as you’re reading this article.


With that being said, with a lot of gambling being done online, the burden of responsibility falls even further onto the player themselves. Most sites will allow you to set deposit limits, but only you can keep yourself in check.


The best way to keep on top of this, especially when you’re gambling to take your mind off things, is to set individual time and loss limits in addition to deposit limits. Allow yourself a maximum of a few hours per week or a maximum bet you can lose in a single sitting before having to take a break.


Gambling is a premier option for quarantine entertainment, and online providers take the pressure of the pandemic away from your favourite games. Play responsibly, and good luck.