The Entertainment Game: NFL vs UEFA

Football is not just sports but also entertainment for a lot of people, from choosing a best bet for the day to cheersing a win with friends. The term means different things in different countries, but they bring people together no matter the geographical location and two of the most significant football leagues are the NFL and UEFA, and even though these two seem similar, they are very different. 


The NFL, which stands for the National Football League, is an American organization consisting of 32 teams. These teams are split equally between the American Football Conference and National Football Conference. 


UEFA, which stands for the Union of European Football Associations, is a European league consisting of 55 members. 


Apart from this main difference, here is more information on how these two are different.


Location And Form

As mentioned earlier, the NFL is an American sport popular in the Northern region. While ‘American football’ is what every other part of the world calls it, America refers to the European form as soccer. In America, they use all the parts of their body to play, while with soccer the majority of the players use only their legs. 


The NFL has four other leagues to compete with, which are the Major league Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the Major League Soccer, and the National Hockey League. The UEFA, on the other hand, is the most prominent sporting activity in Europe with very little participation or patronage for others like cricket, tennis, cycling, and rugby.  


Organizational And Management Systems

The NFL adopts the closed league system while the UEFA uses the open league system. The closed or private system allows the NFL to have a steady flow of revenue due to the stability of the teams. In the UEFA league, however, the teams can be relegated, making them lose value and hence lose revenue. This makes NFL teams less anxious about losses while UEFA teams need to work extra hard to get back up. Also, the NFL allows their teams to relocate as a way to generate more revenue for themselves, while UEFA teams can only be rebranded. 


Super Bowl And Champions League Final

In America, the Superbowl is the most-watched show with all the performances from the world’s biggest artists. It is the finale of the NFL games and attracts one of the biggest audiences when it comes to sports, their lowest audience so far is 39.1 million, and the highest being 114.4 million. These audiences are from the US since the competition originates from there, but on the global level, the Champions League has more attention, with the 2018 game attracting about 380 million people. The Superbowl is a huge advertising platform, with brands paying about $4.5 million for a 30-second slot during halftime alone. The champion’s league, however, reserves slots for the brands that committed to the whole tournament as sponsors.



Football means different things depending on where you are, but one thing is that the game fosters passion, excitement and unity in its viewers. The NFL and UEFA have in their own ways, done an excellent job of contributing to the entertainment industry through sports.


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