The Return of Spectators - Are You Ready for Reopening?

Limited capacity crowds from May 17. Return to ‘normal’ from June 21. A glimmer of hope.


A life without live events has been challenging. The mutual love of a team, the celebration of a goal, sharing a pint with a fellow fan. But what will match days look like in 11 weeks (yes, we’re counting) when stadiums are given the green light for capacity crowds?



It will certainly be a little different. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to take stock on how mass events are run. Safe distancing, sanitisers, minimising contact and safe delivery of food and beverage are now key considerations. We’ve seen a major shift in the popularity of mobile payments from all industries. It’s very likely that every customer of every age entering through your turnstiles has used their mobile phone to make some sort of payment during the pandemic – ordering coffee, drinks in pubs, food delivery, online shopping etc.


Covid-19 has advanced attitudes to mobile payment by a few years in just a few short months.


Now is the time to harness this global uptake in mobile ordering whilst maximising F&B sales and minimising any contact. By introducing mobile payment, you’re giving the entire ordering and payment process to the customer and removing any need for a complicated till system or till training – increasing efficiency and reducing staff costs.


SwipeStation can help you claw back missed revenue and maximise your sales – using a new range of features that we’ve added to our service – that we’re calling ‘Safety Thirst’.




What is ‘Safety Thirst’?


Safety Thirst is a hybrid solution that incorporates two services:


‘Click and Collect’ – fans order from their phones either on the concourse or in the terraces, swipe to pay at a SwipeStation machine (which acts as an unmanned till) and collect from a designated Fast Lane or bar. This service does not require phone connectivity, which is unreliable or non-existent in most large venues (and as long as wi-fi remains prohibitively expensive and 5G a long way off that is unlikely to change soon). 


‘Stand and Deliver’ – our in-seat delivery service that will enable you to serve F&B directly to the customer without them needing to leave their seat. This is particularly useful if concourse space is limited for social distancing.


Both of these services are completely contact-free. Check out our latest video which brings the service to life.


Fans will be elated to be back, but queueing needs to become a thing of the past.


We’d love to help you reopen safely and profitably.


For a demo of the SwipeStation service, or to request our latest sales deck, please email and a member of the team will get in touch.