Ticketco Launch Pay-Per-View HD Streaming To Support Event Organisers

Cloud based payment platform TicketCo today launched a pay-per-view TV service to support the event industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.


With event organisers seeking new ways to generate income and the world on lock-down with people seeking engagement and entertainment TicketCo have created a solution: TicketCo TV. It will enable promoters and venues to book performance artists and to broadcast exclusive pay-per-view events via the internet on their own TV channel.


Full HD quality and crystal-clear sound can be enjoyed on any device. There are no set-up costs, an affordable pay-as-you-go price plan and all required streaming software is included. Digital tickets can be sold for the virtual events via The TicketCo app.



TicketCo TV is the latest tech introduced by the company in response to the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on the events industry. It follows the introduction of vouchers, a forgo payment option, automated en mass cancellation functionality and an improved membership scheme offering.


Kaare Bottolfsen, CEO of TicketCo said: “When COVID-19 hit the event industry at the beginning of March we reacted fast. We invested in developing functions to support our clients through the crisis quickly and efficiently.


“We’re delighted to launch TicketCo TV, it has been created by event organisers for event organisers and is the next piece of the jigsaw. We believe there’s a huge desire for top-quality virtual concerts across Europe. Society is on lock down, but the internet is open for the event industry and demand is there. TicketCo TV is a great opportunity for many event organisers to get active, engage their audiences and maintain their businesses during COVID-19 by generating new revenue streams.”


Learn more about TicketCo TV here:


TicketCo has offices in Norway, the UK, Poland and Sweden.