Tripleplay Releases Enhanced 6-Way Multiview Streaming Feature

Tripleplay introduces its new 6-way Multiview multicast streaming feature for its TripleSign Digital signage product ahead of ISE 2020.


Six-way Multiview will be available as part of Tripleplay’s Caveman 3.0 software release and will allow end-users to simultaneously stream up to 6 multicast videos on one single endpoint, a game changer in video delivery for the AV/IT market.


Tripleplay will be demonstrating this feature for the first time at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2020). Some of the applications of this feature include:


– Live news streams or mission critical business feeds in finance or media corporations

– Multiple camera angles at a sports match or stadium

– Live video streams at a Network Operation Centres (NOC)

– Engaging video wall configuration for a company office

– In-house monitoring stations


With this announcement, Tripleplay has introduced a further two streams to its original Multiview solution, allowing clients to provide even more content to a single Advanced Signage Player device.


Mike Ditum, Head of Software Development at Tripleplay, comments: “Multiview has been a real game-changer for Tripleplay, now with the added bonus of deploying an additional 2 live video streams, we can give clients the ability to have up to 6 pre-configured feeds on one single device.


“This is a really unique application in the AV industry. Not only is Multiview a great tool for live events and stadiums, corporate headquarters and Network Operation Centres can fully utilise this technology to deliver up-to-the-minute information.”


The advancement Once again demonstrates Tripleplay’s ability to listen to its clients, to meet the demands of the AV space and bring to market an efficient and reliable feature and we can continue to prove that we are able to deliver simple and effective innovations.


Multiview is not available on all digital signage media players, for a full list of supported devices please contact your account manager.