Unbeatable Midweek Football - What To Watch

Many people associate football with matches during the weekend, and there is tons of action on Saturday and Sunday. However, the magic does not end there, as you can look forward to some stunning midweek matches from different competitions.



Most notably, people tend to enjoy watching the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday and Wednesday, and when you consider the latest results and twists, it is easy to see why the CL is among the most-watched competitions worldwide.


This does not mean that we are restricted to just one competition in midweek, there are other, high-quality ones that you can look forward to. Let’s take a closer look at which competitions you should not miss during the midweek action.


UEFA Champions League

As mentioned above, this is the ultimate club competition, arguably worldwide. Every football fan loves it, and it seems that the quality of the teams participating increases every year. Thanks to TV rights and sponsorship agreements, UCL teams have all the necessary resources to build the best team possible and have a shot at the ultimate prize.


The resources clubs participating in the Champions League receive are stunning, hence the thrilling matches. That is why you can find different discussions online whether even the World Cup can match the UEFA Champions League in quality.


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Europa League

There was much discussion whether the Europa League was worth the trouble for teams participating, but as the quality of the leagues increases, we are seeing better and better games in the Europa League as well.


The vast majority of games are played on Thursdays, with rare exceptions made for certain games which are allowed to be played on Wednesday. The ultimate prize is a very rewarding one – the winner of the Europa League gets a direct spot for next season’s Champions League group stage and is placed in Pot 1 for the main draw.


When the knockout stage begins, teams that have finished 3rd in the Champions League groups also participate, so the excitement goes up a notch. Europa League’s quality is likely to increase even more in the near future.


Europa Conference League

This is UEFA’s latest competition, and it introduced many controversies upon the introduction. It is still relatively new and it cannot compare with the UCL and the EL, but the early signs are promising – so far this season we have seen some major upsets and eye-catching football.


As time goes on, teams and viewers will take the Europa Conference League more seriously, and its quality is likely to be better each year. Games are played mostly on Thursdays, so make sure to check this competition, you won’t regret it.


Championship Football

We just have to mention England’s second division – the Championship. Arguably better in quality than most of the first leagues in Europe, the games it produces are pure entertainment to watch. The pull of the Premier League and the financial gains teams would get for qualifying in it make the Championship teams fight with all they have to secure a top-flight spot.


Teams promoted in the Premier League are usually much loved among the fans, as they know how to appreciate their supporters, and be an example from which the big guns in the league can learn from.


There are 24 teams in the Championship, meaning that there are 46 games in a season to watch. These games cannot be played only during weekends, so there is Championship action in midweek as well. The games are played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and when you watch at least one, you’ll know why all the fuss around it, the games are just thrilling to watch.