Valencia CF are leading the way as they became the first La Liga club to have their own eSports team that was presented on Tuesday, June 7th, at Mestalla.


eSports has quickly become a multimillion euro industry and Valencia once again has shown themselves to be on the cutting edge by setting up a team that will fly the club colours around the world.


The phenomenon has made a dramatic impact in Asia and eSports professionals in countries like South Korea are treated similarly to La Liga stars in Spain. Arenas are packed out by spectators, and also with the help of major sponsorship deals, the industry generates thousands of millions each year.


Marketing director of Valencia CF, Peter Draper said: “this is a very interesting project and a challenge for Valencia CF to enter a sports sector with such a marked growth. It puts Valencia CF in the vanguard of the sector that is causing most interest throughout Europe.”


In Spain, it is a thriving industry that keeps on growing; recent studies confirm that the income in Europe, which is one of the developing markets, has reached 263milion euros and there is an estimated 14% growth prospect for the next couple of years.


The official partner of the VCF team is Twitch, the video streaming platform owned by Amazon, a channel that allows people to watch live or prerecorded, all the games and competitions.


Project general manager Sergio Benet added: “for us it is a challenge and a big responsibility to defend the Valencia CF colours in the virtual gaming competitions. We will do our best to be up to the task and one of the best teams in eSport.