Virtual Sport VS Live Sport: Is Virtual Sport The Answer To Sporting Event Cancellations?

Sports betting has seen a huge surge all over the world in recent years, but with multiple cancellations due to Covid-19, the sporting industry is having to do more to keep people interested. But as e-sports events and virtual games online continue to increase in popularity, could this be the new way of playing and spectating sport? In this article, we will be looking into sports betting and the benefits it can have on the industry.



One of the biggest benefits of virtual sports is the accessibility that it offers. With TV and ticket to live events being restrictive to some people, the use of virtual sports online can help to make sports of any kind more accessible to mass audiences. This is a growing industry at this time that is seeing cycling, football, basketball and other major sports all providing online sports of some kind. This is particularly beneficial for the spirting industry during these uncertain times as it allows for fans as well as looking to make bets to do so with an internet connection.


Betting Strategy

In addition to the accessibility that this particular industry provides, it is important to note that the betting strategy for many has also differed. This is because online virtual sporting events have their outcomes generated by a random number generator, this makes betting on virtual sport much more appealing to so many. This is because the outcome of horse racing and even football matches is completely randomised. This, therefore, gives you the thrill of a live game without having to watch it on the TV or leave your home. Additionally, many betting sites all over the world allow for secure deposit methods when taking part in virtual sports betting, allowing you to make the most out of the experience either on your own or with your friends, the choice is completely up to you.


Sporting In The Digital Era

In the digital era, sports is much more than just live games or racing taking place. With e-sports championships seeing millions of attendees both online and in-person, there is no denying that sport has transferred smoothly into the world of digital. In addition, the use of VR headsets in football training camps has also opened up the possibility of virtual sports betting as scenarios are being created constantly. This is huge for the industry as a whole as games such as Madden, NBA 2K and FIFA all have their own major tournaments.


This combined with the growing popularity of virtual sporting events is promising for the industry, particularly at this uncertain time. As more and more sporting events are being cancelled, more and more of us are leaning towards online entertainment to fill the void. Therefore, providing people with the possibility to enjoy matches online will help to generate revenue of the industry in a time of uncertainty. Whether this is just for organisers or for clubs to benefit from, this is an industry that has a huge amount of potential.


New Technologies Enhancing User Experience

As the industry continues to expand, it is important to note that the technology used also expands. With several new trackers and game capture technology making graphics look even more realistic than normal, the games that are available to audiences are becoming more realistic. Due to this sudden surge in technological advancement, several sports now have virtual options online, these are as follows:


Virtual Dog Racing

Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual Football

Virtual Basketball


In addition to this list, there is also an option for tennis and baseball in-game betting. This allows users to bet ball- by- ball on the result of the game. This is similar to that of traditional gambling and will allow for a more competitive experience. This can be enjoyed either alone or with friends to see who comes out better at the end of the game. Whether you only bet the once or you change the bet throughout, the option is completely up to you.


The Future Of The Sports Industry

Though there is a vast amount of uncertainty surrounding sport at this time due to the effects of Covid-19, this is presenting a great opportunity for the virtual sports betting industry as well as e-sports. As players are seeing a vast amount of downtime right now, many are playing FIFA and other games to keep the mind sharp. This, as well as other e-sports events, are also being held online, allowing the sporting industry to make the most out of the digital era as well as the unexpected downtime.


With this in mind, there are several new and exciting ways that people can get involved in sport, allowing you to enjoy the unexpected downtime whilst still enjoying the thrill of virtual sporting events online. Will you be trying it out for yourself?