Wayne Rooney Makes Elite Athlete Sports Therapy Device Investment

Wayne Rooney has invested in a new therapeutic product that enables medical professionals and physiotherapists to support injured athletes back to fitness, faster.



Rooney will act as a brand ambassador with others from the world of sport who are set to follow.


The ProMOTION EV1 delivers portable therapy and the ability to monitor progress outside of the physio room. The product delivers targeted temperature and compression control with none of the reduction in muscle strength that can arise from global cryotherapy.


The state-of-the-art product, which debuted at the Football Medicine & Performance Association’s (FMPA) 2021 virtual conference, has been more than four years in the making.


It has received multi-million pound investment from the likes of Rooney, as well as leading physios, surgeons and other football-focused medical professionals. Science-led protocols and rigorous testing, across a wide range of sports, have been central to the development of the product.


Wayne Rooney, said: “I have been involved with Swellaway as a founding investor for many years, as the team have continued to develop their technology.


“I have worked alongside many senior professors and medical practitioners in sports science and medicine to take part in the development and trials required to get the product to where it is today.


“During the course of my career, I could see how the introduction of technology was helping to advance elite level sport. It made absolute sense to me that such technological advancements could be used in the area of treatments for impact and musculoskeletal injuries which would be better served by a product led by science and technology rather than clingfilm and ice!”