Top 15 Biggest and Most Supported Football Teams


Football is a very popular game, with fans all over the world. Read on to know what are the Top 15 biggest and most supported football teams.


Football is a game that is played in countries all over the world. People all over the world love watching the game and have their own favourite team, which they support. The matches between the teams witness huge crowds of people who come to the stadium to cheer the team they support. You can watch these matches either at your home on television or you can watch them live in the stadium. If you are not a big fan of football, you can spend your time playing live casino.



Below is a list of 15 biggest and most supported football teams.


Real Madrid 

Real Madrid comes at the first spot on this. Achievement normally stands out and attracts fans! The same has happened with this team. They have been the most thriving club in the Champions League history, and are known to sign some of the best talents in Europe. Although it was believed that there would be a huge decrease in the number of fans with Ronaldo’s takeoff, the club is still at the top.


Manchester United

The club is popular for its rich heritage and numerous incredible players have been related to it. With a great many fans worldwide and record-breaking home ground attendances, United is one of the most supported teams in the world. Even though fans’ dependability on United has decreased a bit since Sir Alex Ferguson still it remains one of the most supported football teams.



With players like Lionel Messi, Xavi Luis Suarez, and many other dedicated players, Barcelona is one of the most supported football teams. The club has consistently got a ton of support from the fans as they have consistently had some of the world’s best players. Even if you are not a fan of this club, you just cannot reject their domination in world football.



Having the most well-known footballer in Cristiano Ronaldo has its benefits. The fans of the club have been absolutely devoted in the last couple of seasons. Juventus has the biggest number of fans in Italy, and the fan base spreads to numerous Italian immigrants everywhere in the world. Their strength in the domestic league is apparent from their huge fan base.



Chelsea is a club that turned into an important power in football just around 10-15 years back. The club went through a huge recovery by winning a portion of the significant trophies. The club spent huge money on selecting the most gifted players accessible. It took them into Premier League champions in 2004/05, and they have routinely vied for titles from that point onward.




Liverpool has seen an increase in their social media followers after their endeavors over the most recent two years. They are likewise the best English club in European competitions, having won the European cup multiple times. With a splendid history and brilliant time, Liverpool is called to be the most supported club in English football in Britain.


Bayern Munich

The Bavarians are Germany’s best club ever. Munich is the top German club to date with the greatest accomplishments in the league. Significantly, the club has an immense and steadfast fan base because of its achievements in the field.



Arsenal is perhaps the greatest club in English football and the best club in London. The fans of the club have increased in number over years all through the world. The United States and many from Asia, primarily from China, India, and Indonesia make the club a loved one.


Paris Saint-Germain

Not the most upheld football club on the planet yet the most well-known one in France. Still, it has numerous fundamental innings in a brief timeframe and has turned into perhaps the most dynamic groups, and one of the clubs with numerous fans from the time the clubs were first established.


Manchester City

The fanbase of Manchester City has taken off in the course of the most recent decade following their unimaginable achievement in the Premier League. Manchester City fans are acclaimed for supporting their club at any state and time, and the proof of that is the expanding number of attendances.


Borussia Dortmund

With the greatest stadium in Germany, the fans of Dortmund have been quite steadfast in their participation in home games. Dortmund has additionally been said to have an expanding number of fans continuously, which is credited to their new form and a solid young team.


AC Milan

AC Milan is additionally quite possibly the main clubs in Italy Serie A. Money issues, match-fixing charges, and bad domestic performances witnessed the decline of the club. The fans may appear to be many, but the club has seen little development in their worldwide reach since their brilliant time.


Olympique De Marseille

The club is one of the top upheld French clubs. They have won the French group multiple times. They are additionally the first and the solitary club in France to win the UEFA Champions League.



Rangers F.C.

The Scottish football side finds several fans cheering for them at home ground. Their ex-manager Walter Smith was one of the best who helped the team in winning several trophies.



F.C. Schalke 

They are the second-largest football club in Germany. Although they have not achieved much success in the field still they have received a lot of support from the fans.