Why Fans Could Be The Real Winners From Football’s 5G Revolution

As anyone who has ever watched highlights on their tablet or received score updates to their phone would know, technology has clearly had a massive impact on how many of us experience football these days.


However, there are plenty of signs that even bigger changes may still be to come, particularly as the introduction of 5G mobile networks is expected to transform how supporters both follow and immerse themselves in the beautiful game.


A new generation of technology

The fifth generation of mobile technology has been in the spotlight a lot in recent months, with it set to offer faster download speeds and latency much lower than what is currently on offer with 4G across the board.


Not only is it expected to take many of the services we use now to the next level, but it is also set to create new possibilities in many areas too. One of the most-talked-about issues is the idea of self-driving cars, with Ford, for example, taking steps to introduce technology to their models which would work with 5G to ensure the vehicles can communicate with systems around them.


However, another industry set to be significantly affected is the world of sport, with fans expected to get new ways to experience all of the action.


More immersive experiences

5G could well play a key role in ensuring some of the latest innovations are able to reach their true potential. For example, back in September, Intel Sports and Manchester City confirmed they were introducing True View immersive highlights created using volumetric video. Fans have a chance to access the highlights via a mobile app and can then select where they see the action from, with the options including the opportunity to see a moment from a specific player’s perspective. While such technology may already be in use, 5G could ensure that fans are able to get the best possible video quality when accessing it.




Earlier this year, FC Barcelona’s Innovation Hub also published an article on what 5G could mean for fans of the club. In it, the organisation detailed how it was working with Telefonica to create an immersive virtual reality experience which would allow people at home to watch the game from different places in the stadium.


The article also explained how smart clothing may also mean a new level of real-time data can be gathered from players – and such innovations may not only impact on the quality of the statistics produced during broadcasts but also sports betting too. For example, many sites global and regional alike, like the Finland-focused Suomibetting, currently offer real-time odds on football, but they may be able to use the in-depth information to quickly update in-play odds or to even change the way they calculate the probability of specific outcomes. Alongside these new offerings, new markets are also expected to be available.


An exciting new technology

When such issues are considered, it is fair to say that 5G is clearly an exciting technology which may affect football in many ways.


However, it really does seem like the biggest winners may well be fans, as they will have the chance to experience their favourite sport in a totally new way. It will certainly be exciting to see how 5G’s relationship with football develops in the years ahead.


Image: Pixabay