Why Is It A Good Idea To Wear Glasses When Playing Football?

Dreams should not have limits. You can be anything or do anything you set your heart to. All you need is dedication and hard work. And when it comes to poor vision, even that shouldn’t hold you back from doing things that you want.



People with vision problems are often cut off from sports. They think their inability to see things and surrounding clearly will make them a burden on their team. But, you can wear glasses and play sports. You don’t need to give up one for the other.


If you’ve seen, there are so many footballers from Lilian Thuram to Edgar Davis who wear glasses even on the field. When you’re playing football, you want to make sure that you see the ball, your teammates and the goal clearly.


If your vision is not enough, then you’ll need to wear corrective glasses to make for your low eyesight and perform well at the match.


Why do you need glasses to play football?

If you have refraction in the eyes such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, then you need glasses to correct your vision.


Whether you play football as a hobby or you’re a professional player, wearing prescription glasses on the pitch will support your vision and active lifestyle. These glasses will enhance your visual clarity and prevent sports-related eye injuries that are so common in the field.


Almost 90% of football-related eye injuries can be prevented by using proper protective eyewear. Since football is such an intense game where so many players are running at a high speed, it’s normal that the players bump into each other. But, when someone’s elbow or finger hits your eye, then it can lead to severe damage to the eye.


While wearing glasses will give you a clear vision field, normal prescription glasses are not enough to protect your eyes from injuries. Moreover, the delicate lenses can break easily and pose an even greater risk to your eye health.


Common football-related eye injuries

Football eye injuries are common in children who don’t use proper eyewear. These injuries range from normal to severe based on the degree of damage it has done to your eyes. The following are the most common type of eye injuries that occur during football.


Blunt injuries

These injuries happen when the eyes get compressed suddenly due to forceful impact. This could be the result of a football hitting your eyes. The higher impact is also able to damage the structure of your eyes and lead to sudden vision loss.


Sports glasses have impact-resistant lenses that do not break when something hits them. They also protect your eyes from foreign objects. Thus, they are perfect for vision protection on the field.


Corneal abrasions

When a fellow player accidentally hit your eyes with their elbow or your eyes come in contact with another person’s body, it can lead to scrapes or scratches on your cornea. This is more likely to happen when something sharp hits your eyes.


While fingernail scratches on your eyes are common during football, you must not take this thing lightly. Get your eyes checked, even more so when you spot bleeding in the eye.


Corneal abrasions lead to temporary vision problems and are extremely painful. So, you should wear sports glasses when playing football to protect your eyes.


Sports glasses for football

Sports glasses for football players have so many benefits. The close physical contact and high-speed football can make this sport a dangerous one for your eyes. Prescription football glasses give you the best of vision correction and eye protection. This keeps you and other players safe on the pitch.


Key features of football glasses

If you haven’t bought football glasses before, we’ll tell you some key features you shouldn’t overlook when buying them.


Polycarbonate lenses

Regular optical lenses are easier to break. And if they are made of glasses, the pieces can get inside your eyes and cause serious ocular injuries.


However, polycarbonate lenses are resistant to damage and do not break no matter how many times they hit the ground. They will sustain the high impact without showing any signs of damage to the lenses or your eyes.


Advanced frame materials

The frame material of football glasses is more flexible than other materials. Moreover, the design of these frames is also a little different as it is more curved and the temples go all the way behind your ear.


These frames are also lightweight with a heat and chemical resistant body. The temple arms are a little vented to allow the air to move behind the lenses and prevent sweat buildup.


UV protection

Since football is an outdoor sport, players are at a higher risk of sun-related damage to the eyes. Thus, football glasses are available with UV protectant technology that filters out UV light and protects your eyes.


The lenses don’t have to be tinted to block UV rays, clear lenses can do that too. Also, if you’re playing in bright daylight, the lenses will also reduce glare to amplify your field of vision.


Should you use football glasses?

Glasses are not only for those with vision problems. Even when you’re able to see perfectly clear, football glasses can do a great deal in protecting your eyes. Whether on the field or in life in general, a good vision always comes in handy. To get the best vision and prevent injuries, you should use glasses when playing football.


Image: Specscart