Why Is There Growing Casino Sponsorships of Football Clubs?

There has been a significant increase in the number of betting sponsors and online casinos sponsoring elite football teams in the UK. Why do casinos want to sponsor football teams?


In the latest season of Premier League football, more than half of the 20 competing teams have agreed sponsorship deals with casinos and betting companies. The percentage of clubs with a betting sponsor increases further in England’s second tier, The Championship.


This is a significant change considering most of these teams were sponsored by meat pies, local beers, or as some Chelsea fans will remember glass firms. So, why is there an increase in casino sponsorship in elite English football and will there be any repercussions?


Three Reasons for Growing Casino Sponsorship in Football


Good Marketing

There is also a case that sponsoring a sporting team is merely good marketing. This is why PartyCasino refers to gambling sponsorship in football as a natural fit. Sports betting makes up one of the most popular forms of betting in the UK and other areas of Europe, so casinos can tap into a market that is already known to like betting by sponsoring these sporting teams. Even if the casino doesn’t offer sports betting, they are still exposing their brand to people not against gambling.


TV Deals

Elite level football in the UK is also broadcast around the world. The Premier League, in particular, attracts a global viewership in the millions. By sponsoring teams and having their brand on shirts and advertising boards, they can get their casino name out there in a significant way. Even if a small percentage of sports fans go on to check out their site, they will still have amassed a substantial new customer base.


Money Talks

Casinos are also one of the few sponsors that can cater to the sponsorship demands of elite football teams. When money matters to attract the best players and win competitions, many other industries are not able to compete with online casinos or get the same benefits from sponsoring. This is why there is a significant trend in airlines and gambling firms betting sponsor today; rather than the smaller beer and electrical companies that were sponsoring football in the past.


Current Criticism of Betting Sponsors in UK Football

There has been a growing concern about the number of betting sponsorship in football. Some governing bodies and groups have asked the government to step in and mitigate the appearance of gambling sponsorship in high-level sport, with some wanting a blanket ban on gambling sponsorship in the football.


This is because sport is also consumed and enjoyed by those too young to gamble and is exposing them to gambling. Gambling advertisements are already banned from the view of these vulnerable groups to protect them and stop them from being enticed into betting at a young age. Nothing has been decided yet, but some Premier League officials say nothing is set to change.