Why Leading Football Clubs Are Choosing Cygnus POS

Cygnus, Swan Retail’s electronic point of sale software, has been catching the eye of major football clubs over the past few months and we examine why below.



The pandemic has been a catalyst for change and made clubs re-evaluate their retail offering. Fans expect clubs to deliver the omnichannel experience and deliver it fast. Cygnus is all about speed and customer-centricity and so fits well with the changing needs of sports club retail.


What does Cygnus POS have to offer Football Clubs?

Cygnus has been built specifically to tackle all of the key requirements in the sports retail sector. It is new and built from Swan’s knowledge and experience in this sector.


Swan want their clubs to be able to delight fans at the checkout. That means a fast, efficient transaction with the fans’ best interest at its core. This is achieved by Cygnus in a number of ways:


– Significantly reduced transaction processing time


– Instant delivery from Cygnus to back office


– Comfortably handles thousands of transactions per second


– ‘Best Deal Possible’ promotion intelligence – fans get the most out of their rewards


– Cross-channel purchase history – a single customer view


– Kit Builder – processes custom shirt printing requirements


– Match Day Mode – even more efficient transactions for increased sales throughput


– Customer-facing media – inspire fans at the point of sale


– Option to integrate the club’s Loyalty App – reward wallets, receipts and targeted offers


What impact do Cygnus POS features have on Football Club retail?

Swan focused on reducing transaction processing time by minimising the number of taps needed, making the interface aesthetically uncomplicated and streamlining the software. With transactions going through to the back office instantly and the ability to comfortably handle thousands of transactions per second, Cygnus is powerful and scalable.


Next, Swan worked on presenting in-store fans with the best deal possible. Cygnus has the ability to combine all current discounts and offers in a way that means the fan pays the least. This feature puts fans first and conveys honesty and value from the club.


Cygnus can also show fans’ loyalty scheme balances and rewards from cross-channel purchase history, linking online and in-store purchases against a single customer account.


Another stand-out feature is Kit Builder which was designed specifically for our sports clubs:


“Kit Builder is another positive option on the till system. It allows us to increase transaction speed at busy periods such as match days and kit launches” – Richard Prosser, SCFC.


But, it is not only at the till that Swan helps football clubs enhance their fans’ retail experience. Cygnus integrates Swan’s mobile loyalty app, FUSE. The two synchronise reward wallets, purchase history, email receipts and other customer information, as well as any promotional incentives. This combination drives the omnichannel experience and creates a thorough record of customer behaviour; a single customer view. Football clubs can gain insights from this complete picture and act on them to enhance their fans’ journey, loyalty and retail revenue.


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