Widespread Online Casinos Myths That Persist 

Myths often take on a life of their own, they are also passed through generations and survive time. Some myths are based on some kind of truth, but most myths operate outside of reality and take on a life of their own within certain cultures. The most popular myths have withstood the test of time and the stories that surround them are still popular today.



Greek mythology proves just how popular myths can be and the stories that originate from this culture are still at the heart of popular mass entertainment. Even the slot world has embraced mythology, and this is why we have slots at King Casino such as Rainbow Riches and the Age of The Gods series by Playtech. 


Gambling Myths 

It is not only the games offered by the world of gambling that is based on mythology, even the actual act of gambling itself, comes with its own widespread and persistent myths. Some popular myths surrounding the slot industry include the widespread belief that the slot games themselves are rigged to favour the casino. There is a little truth in here and this is because casino slot games give the house an edge, this edge is higher than that of any other casino game. 


However, it does not mean that slot games themselves are rigged in any way.  Casinos are a business, and they need to make a profit to survive. The built-in house edge is a way of guaranteeing that casinos make money on their slot investment. This does not mean that punters will always lose, if it did, nobody would bother joining and playing at a casino online. Whilst the majority of players break even some turn in a profit, others go on to be jackpot winners as well. 


RNG and Slots 

A possible reason behind the myth of slot games at online casinos being rigged could lie with the Random Number Generator. This is a microchip that churns out number sequences continuously, and these numbers correspond with certain symbols on slot game reels. It is all down to the numbers matching symbols in sequences that pay-outs. If they don’t the results are translated into dead spins. However, some believe that Pseudo-Random Number Generators used in the gambling industry, cannot deliver truly random slot spin results and this is because they use pre-programmed data to create these number sequences.   


Other Myths Debunked 

Other myths related to online casinos include being able to predict when a slot machine will pay-outs. In reality, this is impossible to do because all results are random. Just because a slot machine hasn’t paid out for a long time does not mean that a large pay-out is imminent. This also discredits the myth that if you play long enough, you will eventually win. 


Practice Makes Perfect 

With most things in life, practicing regularly helps to make you better at a particular skill, this is also the case for some gambling games where strategy is required. Unfortunately, again this is not the case when playing slots, but people still believe that practice will give them the upper hand over the game.