Wingate & Finchley Football Club are using their football skills for good by taking part in Delete Blood Cancer UK’s football challenge before match kick-off this Saturday 6th of February.


The team want to raise awareness and encourage their fans to register on the day as potential blood stem cell donors to help save the lives of blood cancer patients.


Delete Blood Cancer UK have created a full size goalmouth target known as the ‘DBC Tekkers Goal’, which comprises 5 holes for players to skilfully kick balls through, scoring as many points as they can in 2 minutes – symbolising the short amount of time it takes to sign up to the blood stem cell donor register.


More points are given for more difficult kicks. For example; they can ‘Blast It’ through the 1 point target or ‘Volley It’ through the 5 point target. Players have 10 footballs and as many shots from the penalty area as they can fit in – this will be fast paced football fun!


For those not in the know, Tekkers’ is internet slang for ‘techniques’, particularly used when showing off football skills!


Men aged 18-30 who are in good health produce more blood stem cells and so can make an excellent match for patients waiting for a transplant to save their life. By filming the events for their website and social media platforms, Delete Blood Cancer UK hope the DBC Tekkers Challenge will raise online awareness and encourage more young men to join up as potential lifesavers.


Spectators and fans are also encouraged to film and share the event on social media under the hashtag #DBCTekkers. Delete Blood Cancer UK plan to take their Tekkers Challenge to football teams of all levels in 2016, with Wingate & Finchley Football Club having the honour of piloting the first event.


Speaking about the Tekkers challenge, Ben Allen, Marketing Manager at Delete Blood Cancer UK, said:


“With around 1,800 people every year in the UK seeking a matching donor, only 60 per cent will find the donor they need. Too many are dying because a suitable matching donor cannot be found for them. It doesn’t have to be this way.


“The more people who register as potential blood stem cell donors, the better the chances of matching donors being found for those who need them. That’s why we have created the Tekkers challenge, to raise important awareness while having a bit of light-hearted fun.”


Footballs and equipment for the DBC Tekkers Challenge have been very kindly supplied by leading sports brand, Umbro.


You can register online and request a cheek swab kit which will enable you to do your own tissue test to become a potential blood stem cell donor: