Wolves install new double row perimeter LED system allowing the club and brands to deliver ‘Mega Minute’ supersized content spanning both displays.

Wolverhampton Wanderers have achieved a Premier League first with the installation of a new double perimeter LED system, which has the unique ability to deliver ‘supersized’ branded content to audiences watching on TV.



The new platform, designed by stadium technology experts, ADI, will allow the club’s partners to significantly increase their exposure by delivering ‘Mega Minute’ branding during a match.


The new technology makes it possible to seamlessly stretch sponsors’ content across two parallel perimeter LED systems – effectively doubling the height of the advertising display seen by the TV audience.


The double row perimeter system, which went live in September, has been designed to create value for commercial partners, who will use the platform to increase the impact of their messaging amongst the global Premier League audience.


The system was activated the first time during Wolves’ clash with Southampton FC, periodically delivering ‘supersized’ content to offer brands a larger digital canvas through which to communicate their message.


Offering further flexibility for how the club can help brands activate their partnerships, the LED system also features ADI’s Virtual Hybrid technology, which can digitally replace the advertising content seen by different audiences watching the same match.


It means fans in the stadium would see traditional LED content, whilst viewers watching the same match in different countries could see brand content tailored to their region.


Wolverhampton Wanderers have become the twelfth UK club to invest in ADI’s virtual replacement LED, which has been developed with Augmented Reality experts, Supponor.


The club’s Managing Director, Laurie Dalrymple, commented: “The solution delivered by ADI is truly game-changing. The new perimeter LED offers huge flexibility for how we can help brands activate their message.


“We wanted to create a digital platform that offers value for our partners, and the ability to deliver supersized brand content really offers that.


“Combine that with the opportunity to help brands target specific regions using the virtual advertising functionality, and we suddenly have a very compelling platform. ADI understood exactly what we were trying to achieve, and the result has exceeded our expectations.”


Geraint Williams, ADI’s CEO, commented: “Nobody has ever attempted to deliver a digital platform quite like this before so we relished the challenge. We worked closely with Wolves to define the solution, which also extended to the installation of a new LED ribbon and the integration with stadium screens.


“The result is a hugely compelling fan engagement and commercial platform through which we can synchronise the content delivered across every digital display in the stadium.”


Information on ADI’s stadium display technology is available at