AJ Products joins ukactive in the fight to get more people more active

AJ Products is proud to announce that, as part of our commitment to healthy and active lifestyles, we are now a member of ukactive.  


ukactive is a not-for-profit organisation comprised of over 3,500 members and partners from across the UK active lifestyle sector from multinational brands to local leisure centres and community activity organisers. Their aim is “to get more people, more active, more often”. They are “committed to improving the health of the nation through promoting active lifestyles” [¹].


At AJ Products, we think staying fit and healthy should be something that anyone can do. Given the long hours many adults spend sitting down while at work, it is essential to combat this issue in the workplace. We encourage office workers to get fit at their desks through our range of affordable sit-stand desks and active office furniture.


There is extensive research to suggest that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to health conditions including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and musculoskeletal problems, even if you do regular exercise. On the other hand, standing up for just a few extra hours a day can have huge benefits to your health. A study conducted by the University of Chester measured the effects of standing for at least three hours a day for a week. It showed that by doing this every day for a year you burn “about 30,000 extra calories…the equivalent of running about 10 marathons a year” [²].


AJ Products has a broad range of products that can help employees to be more active and sit less at work: from sit-stand desks and standing meeting tables to active seating and anti-fatigue mats.


Our aim with our standing desks was to introduce a range of easy-to-use electric desks at affordable prices so that good ergonomics could become part of every workplace. They are now our bestselling product, allowing users to switch between sitting and standing at the push of a button.


To complement the desks, we also have a range of active sitting chairs, sometimes known as a balance stools, which are designed to keep your body moving even when you are sitting, strengthen back and core muscles, and improve your circulation. Plus, AJ have just launched an exciting new product range that will revolutionise meetings and conferences.


The latest addition to our active furniture range is a unique height-adjustable meeting table that makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing meetings, boosting both productivity and fitness. At AJ Products our solutions make sure you never sit still at work!


By becoming a member of ukactive, AJ Products can help to get the message out to more people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We want to make every workplace happier, healthier and more active!


AJ Products’ 40 plus years of experience supplying furniture and interior solutions to workplaces, sports facilities and public spaces mean that we can provide you with a complete solution from project planning and design suggestions to quick delivery and installation. We are a one-stop shop that can take care of your conference facilities, hospitality suites and offices, and even help you with your grounds.


Whether a one-off order or a large refit project, AJ Products is here for whatever you need. Visit www.ajproducts.co.uk or call us on 0800 634 4369 to speak to our sales team.


¹ ukactive (2018) We are ukactive [online] <https://www.ukactive.com/who-we-are/> [accessed August 2018]

² BBC News (2016) Calorie burner: How much better is standing up than sitting? [online] available from: <http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-24532996> [accessed August 2018]