Beat The Competition With A Winning Stadium

A stadium that doesn’t meet your needs can hold your club back, affecting team and supporter morale, costing you revenue and compromising safety. What you need is a one-stop shop that can take care of your stadium interiors and even help you with your grounds. Whether a one-off order or a large refit project, AJ Products is here for whatever you need.


A dressing room fit for a champion

It’s not just team talks that make a difference to the match; the dressing room itself plays its part. In the dressing room players don’t just change their clothes; it is also a place for teams to get together before and after a match to talk tactics, celebrate wins and commiserate losses. You want to ensure the room has plenty of space for the team to move around with a table and chairs for discussions and a whiteboard for tactical planning. Changing room benches and lockers are an essential but don’t underestimate the importance of non-slip matting to prevent injuries from polished floors, wet shower areas or muddy boots. Make sure you get the perfect dressing room for your home team, after all many clubs go out of their way to make the away team’s dressing room conditions as unpleasant as possible! ¹


Corporate hospitality facilities that are on target

Your VIP boxes, bars and restaurants bring in huge amounts of revenue so it’s essential that they are fitted out to make your biggest spenders feel at home. Plush armchairs, plenty of coffee and bar tables so there is always somewhere to put a drink and a large conference-turned-dining table with comfortable seats will help your guests get their business done and enjoy the game!


Grounds as supportive as your fans

In the grounds themselves the priority is on health and safety as well as creating a pleasant experience for all fans and visitors. Ensure hazards are clearly marked and safety signs installed in line with HSE guidelines. Manage crowds on their way into the stadium safely with crowd control barriers and restrict vehicle access with bollards.


One easy thing you can do to enhance the experience of visitors is keep the grounds as clean as possible by ensuring litter always goes in the goal! Install plenty of litter bins outside the grounds for fans at the start and end of the match. Inside the grounds, safety-conscious refuse bag holders with transparent sacks will keep the contents visible to security personnel. You’d be surprised what a difference it makes to supporters to know their club cares about the grounds as much as they do.


AJ Products: a winning choice!

At AJ Products, we support your team off the pitch so that you can focus on supporting them on the pitch. We can provide furniture and equipment for all of your stadium interiors: from dressing rooms to restaurants, bars and corporate entertainment boxes, and from the lobby to boardrooms and staff offices. We can also help you keep your supporters safe with crowd control barriers and bollards, and keep your grounds clean with waste and recycling solutions.


Our 40 plus years of experience mean that we can provide you with a complete solution from project planning and design suggestions to quick delivery and installation.


When Swedish ice hockey team Leksand IF built its new stadium, Tegera Arena, it was looking for one contractor that could take a holistic approach to the interior design. They needed furniture, rugs, paintings and more for their restaurants, VIP boxes and public areas so they turned to AJ Products.


“PEAB was the general contractor for the building itself and we wanted someone who could manage the interior in the same way. AJ Products presented a very good complete solution” says Kent Lövgren, board member of Leksands IF and project manager for the building.


Tegera Arena is an impressive building that holds just over 7,600 spectators and has a host of fully-equipped conference rooms, 36 boxes and even a sauna! It also has a fully-fledged restaurant with associated kitchen and six satellite restaurants and bars. The venue has hosted concerts, general meetings, corporate events and huge parties. The pressroom can accommodate 150 journalists and more than 200,000 people visit the arena each year.


Kent Lövgren was very pleased with AJ Products’ efforts. There is one particular story he wanted to tell: “When AJ’s assembly team fitted out our corporate boxes, they discovered that the tabletops were too narrow to cater for a buffet. It was worrying because we were a bit short on time. But a phone call to AJ sorted everything. 35 tabletops were sent back to the factory and 35 new wider tabletops came by return delivery at no additional cost and with no time wasted.”


That’s when Kent coined the phrase “Surprisingly good service”, something that now forms the basis of AJ Products’ motto: Surprisingly More!


To find out how AJ Products can provide surprisingly more for your stadium, visit or call us on 0800 634 4369 to speak to our sales team.



Davis, C. (2015) “Revealed: football’s most devious dressing room tactics” The Telegraph [online] [accessed January 2018]