Protecting Against Hostile Vehicle Attacks

Docklands Security Barriers specialise in the provision of Hostile Vehicle Barriers to a range of end users including Police, military, stadium and event organisations.


Their unique barriers offer protection to areas which are vulnerable to attacks from a range of vehicles whose intention is to threaten or endanger life.


The barriers use a modular system that is designed to stop a vehicle’s momentum before it reaches its target. The vehicle is disabled quickly and the debris field is significantly reduced due to the construction of barrier


The barriers are designed to be installed quickly with the minimum of tooling and roads and perimeters can be closed and controlled within minutes.


Pivot system

Using a pivot system allows the barriers to be converted to a gated system that allows for easy manoeuvring of the barriers. This is ideal for controlling vehicles that require entry and exit to a perimeter.


All barriers are PAS 68, IWA 14 and are manufactured to the highest quality and standards supported ISO 9001 and are available for purchase or hire and can be taken for any period of time over days, months or even years.


Email: info@docklandssecuritybarriers.co.uk or call on 07799 134312 for more information