Protecting Staff In The Event Of An Attack

Football club stewards are on the front line of fan safety but their personal protection is also your responsibility.


There has been a worrying increase in the number of knife attacks in the UK in recent months with at least 39 people fatally stabbed in London this year alone.


Whilst this hasn’t extended in to football, it’s a worrying trend and because of this situation Bladerunner, the manufacturer of slash-proof products designed to offer an added layer of personal protection to the wearer, are in more demand than ever.


The growing number of people carrying knives and the ominous threat of attack has seen the need for increased security at entertainment venues and sports grounds.


There is particular demand for anti-cut gloves used by Police and security personnel to add an additional layer of protection when dealing with the threat of knife attack.


Ensure the safety of your staff and fans by offering anti-slash gloves and clothing as standard issue to all those on the front line of fan safety.


You can see how effective our gloves and clothing are in the following videos: