Stoke City’s CEO, Tony Scholes

“Yes player wages have gone up in line with those revenues, and so they should, but it’s also enabled us as a club to do the things we’ve talked about today from stadium development and development of the training ground to a lot of the good community work that we do.”


Tony was, however, realistic to the challenge of securing their Premier League status in the face of such fierce competition on the pitch but maintains a pragmatic approach had benefitted the club in the long-term.


“We believe stability engenders success in the long term,” he said. “Each year we look to improve – there’s no two ways about that. We look to improve across the whole football club.


“We look to improve in all aspects of the football department but also through all aspects off-the-pitch, whether that be commercially, in our community work, our ticketing function or retail – every year we look to improve.


“But we try to do things here in a sensible way, we don’t try and be something we’re not but we do aim to do what we can. But let’s also recognise that the Coates family, our owners, have invested a lot of money in the club and they’ve done it because of their love of football and for their love of this area.”