Accreditation: The Solution For Digital Processes For Any Event

AXESS EVENT. ACCREDITATION enables the sports facility operator to make events available online on the accreditation portal. The portal is made accessible to companies or persons from the operator’s website via a link.





The all-new AX500 Smart Post NG provides control without barriers. Originally in aluminium colour, these were specially designed for LAFC in black.


They can independently create an account there and submit accreditation applications for events. “The operator and the companies or persons requesting accreditation experience a digitized process that is kept transparent for all users at all times,” says Axess AG.


Operators can release it to companies that have applied for an account via portal or request further information or documents if necessary. “Approved companies have the opportunity to enter applications for accreditation for individual events or event series for their employees on the portal,” explains Axess – for example, for a Bundesliga season or even just for a specific day.


The stadium operator has one or more processors who can view, process, confirm or reject applications depending on their areas of responsibility. “The entire process is digitally mapped, automated and traceable,” says Axess. “In compliance with the applicable legal situation and data protection guidelines as well as taking into account current IT standards, AXESS EVENT. ACCREDITATION offers a modern solution to professionally map non-commercially distributed accreditations.”


In addition to the digital and comprehensible mapping of an extensive area of application, the focus is on creating a modern and user-friendly solution that replaces manual processes. “Times when the phone, a notepad or Excel lists were used for accreditation should be a thing of the past.” Furthermore, the solution opens an evaluability of data and simplifies processes for operators and users. In addition, the new tool is fully integrated into the Axess access control system.


Key facts at a glance:
Online accreditation portal for all types of accreditations
Digitized access procedure
Special accreditations for journalists
Permanent and individual individual accreditations
Professional mapping of non-commercially distributed accreditations
Overview of all accredited persons in the stadium
Embedded in Axess’ access control system


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