MiMentor Forms New Partnership With Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club

MiMentor Education Platform Announces Exciting New Partnership with Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club.


MiMentor, the digital sports coaching and learning platform, has announced an exciting new partnership with Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club (CRYSC), a football youth club serving over 10,000 young players per season from beginner level to advanced.



The educational platform gives organisations the opportunity to provide top level training and coaching programs to all departments, all in one place.


Owned by the Mitre Group and designed by their team of coaching, sports science and educational experts, the creators of MiMentor are already a leading training provider within the sports sector, working with top industry brands, including Premier League clubs, since 1992.


The partnership will see MiMentor white label their services for CRYSC, essentially tailoring their product and its branding to fit succinctly with the soccer club’s image and aims.


Donald Gillies, Technical Director of Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club said: “We are delighted to have MiMentor on board with a solution that answers both our short- and long-term needs.


“This partnership means we’ll have a place where we can host learning for our coaches and members. We have a great deal of experience and quality content at the club, however having somewhere we can direct them to consume educational material related to both our club and wider learning in the game is going to be very beneficial for their development.”


MiMentor transforms relationships between the learner and trainer with exclusive access to expert online video streaming. The ‘Live’ and ‘Record’ functions will allow CRYSC coaches the opportunity to participate in live workshops and discussion forums.


Alternatively, users can catch up with an online seminar, podcast or guest lecturer at a time convenient to them. While the integrated ‘Quiz’ functions provide for club with an opportunity to test the knowledge of CRYSC coaches both before and after courses to evaluate progress too.


Colorado’s frequently snowy springs would typically make training and coaching almost impossible, but MiMentor’s online training portal will provide access to courses and material for all members of CRYSC. The platform is also helping the club continue their education during the current Covid-19 pandemic, with everything available online.


Gillies said: “We will be using the platform in the short term to host online educational modules that allow our coaches to feel engaged in learning during a time when they are working tirelessly to support players and families.


“Colorado has a climate that produces snow frequently during the Spring season and having a place where our players can go to learn on the curriculum when training is cancelled is a vital tool in our resources.”


The Custom Roles feature will allow CRYSC to educate staff from all sectors of the organization too, filtering content dependant on what role a member of staff has in the organisation, meaning they only see what is relevant to them.


Gillies addded: “I see the club using this for everyone associated with us in the future. I see parent education, onboarding of staff and volunteer opportunities.


“Our white labelled and club branded website provided by MiMentor is a one-stop for anyone looking to understand how we work and support their learning in our methodologies and culture.


“With 10,000+ players between Castle Rock and Fort Collins, we need multiple messages as they don’t all fit in one place with one set of outcomes.


“The missing piece for us has been a place where we tie all of our resources together. Having one place where we can share this content like with MiMentor is incredibly important in bringing everyone together and allowing them to feel empowered in their learning.”


Having unveiled former England and Manchester City winger Shaun Wright-Phillips as a Global Ambassador late last year, and their partnership with United Soccer Coaches, this recent announcement further strengthens MiMentor’s reputation not just in America, but as a first-class sports education platform for expert practitioners and coaches worldwide.


James Baker, Head of Development & Partnerships at MiMentor, is looking forward to working with CRYSC and said: “We understand the importance of brand recognition and are working closely with the CRYSC team to ensure their brand, culture and ethos is delivered through the development of their platform with us.


“MiMentor is excited to partner with youth soccer clubs like CRYSC and help facilitate new, engaging ways of connecting coaches, staff, parents, and players, on one digital platform. We fully brand everything and the number of features for education in-house we offer are second-to-none.”


To find out more go to https://home.mimentorportal.com/